How New Facebook Group Features Can Enhance Your Business Engagement

This is the final part of our 3-part series featuring how Facebook Groups can benefit your business. Today, we’ll go through four new Facebook Group features and how they can be part of your strategy to build a strong and loyal community around your brand. Check out our two first posts if you haven’t yet: How New Facebook Group Tools Can Enhance Business Engagement and How New Facebook Resources Can Help You Enhance Your Business Engagement.

More and more businesses are taking advantage of Facebook Groups every day. Plus, there are a few new tools to help you provide a better experience for your clients and members.

Let’s check them out!

Facebook Group Chat

Facebook Group Chat was previously removed because it wasn’t supported in Groups. The good news  is that it’s back with some new features!

It’s important to know that you have to enable this feature in your members’ settings to access it. Chats must also adhere to the Group’s policies. For example, if posts by members of your Group need to be approved by an admin first, the same applies to your chats.

In Groups with over 100 participants, the chat feature is automatically set up as a default option, meaning that only admins and moderators can initiate a group chat unless changed in settings. Admins can remove members from chats and close them at any time.

You might be asking yourself, “How exactly can Chats help enhance my business?” 

The answer is opportunities to stay top-of-mind. Real-time conversations will engage members and keep your brand in their field of view. You can create a chat about your product selections where members can share their opinions and experiences or one dedicated to new arrivals, so your customers know what’s coming soon. You can create a chat by segmentation, interests, location and more. 

Chats are also a place for your members to engage with each other, not just the brand. If you own a clothing store, you can create a chat where members can discuss their different style preferences. Group Chats can be worked seamlessly into your marketing strategy as well as provide valuable insights into  your consumer feedback and preferences


Another new tool is the Q&A feature. Use it to initiate conversations around your business or topics related to  your business. Admins can host text-based question-and-answer sessions.

Image: Facebook Community Summit 2020

Members can ask and answer questions any time they want. This feature can help gather useful data from your community. Utilize insights from Q&A to improve products, stay up to date on trends within your target market, brainstorm ideas for new services and, of course, showcase your brand’s personality.

Generate buzz to build your brand!


Prompts is a Facebook Group feature to promote engagement among members. As we mentioned, the Facebook algorithm is designed to rank content from Facebook Groups with strong engagement; the more your members interact on your page, the longer your content will appear in potential customers’ feeds. Prompts are an interactive way to bring members together around a topic. All replies are grouped in the prompt, and members can swipe through all of them.

Image: Facebook Community Summit 2020

Customizable Profile

Members can customize the photos and information from their profiles that’s shared with a particular group. Connect a photo to your Group’s theme or add community information to your profile. Admins and moderators can customize their profiles to lead others to their Group.

This feature is another way to create a community and a sense of “belonging” among your Group members. Potential clients will recognize your brand online. Brand recognition is one of the top priorities in business marketing strategies as it is vital for long-term success. 

Integrate these features and tools to enhance your business and your Facebook Group. Try them out to see if they fit into your strategy! As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to us. Plus, we offer free 30-minute consultations for your business. We’re happy to help!