How New Facebook Group Tools Can Enhance Business Engagement

Facebook Groups has continued to gain the attention of more and more users. With 70 million  people globally administrating and moderating Facebook groups, it is hard to imagine a scenario where  businesses don’t take advantage of this popularity. If your business doesn’t have a Facebook group yet, it’s time to start considering creating one. And, the best part, it doesn’t matter which business industry you work in, there is opportunity for everyone.

Why Facebook Groups are Beneficial

There are a lot of potential benefits from adding a Facebook group to your marketing strategy. The Facebook algorithm is designed to highly rank content from Facebook groups with strong engagement; the more your members interact, the longer content from your business will appear in potential customers’ feeds. A business needs visibility to generate brand loyalty and awareness. Besides that, Facebook Groups create a sense of customer support and community among members, and social media users are more prone to stick with a brand that provokes positive feelings.  

Noticing the high volume of groups and engagement within them, Facebook has been adding features to help admins and moderators build a first-class experience for group members. The new features were announced recently at the Facebook Communities Summit and promised to transform the admin, moderators, and creators’ Facebook experience a little bit.

To guide you through these changes and how they can benefit your business, we will post 3 explanatory blog posts. We’ll discuss each feature and help your business navigate your Facebook Group strategy.

Let’s start!

Admin Assist

Managing a group takes time, and your business priority is likely to keep a safe and healthy conversational environment  while still allowing members to have the freedom to express themselves. Although Facebook had some friendly tools for admin and moderators before, they were lacking in some key areas.. Many Facebook groups use the “post-approval” option for all posts, requiring an admin to approve a post before it is published to the feed for members. This can take a lot of time, especially when there are a lot of talkative members.  Imagine going through hundreds of inquiries per day, making sure the content is aligned with your Group’s goals and style, all within a short timeframe so that your group doesn’t lose engagement and momentum. Your members will need content to engage and so, you’ll need to be fast. It is a job that will need your full attention once you have a successful Facebook Group

Now, with Admin Assist, this process is done with just one click (well, not exactly one click, but it is a one time setup). Admin Assist combines practicality of moderating with the control you need.  You can pre-set all rules, including content, links, and even keywords that are not allowed in the Group. The tool will approve the posts aligned with your Group and deny those going in a different direction. You can also block or mute members acting against Group policy and restrict the access to post. Maybe you want new members to get a sense of how the community interacts before their first post, so you can decide how long a member must be part of your Facebook Group before they can share   their posts, as well. Admin Assist is designed to save you time to take care of your business’s other priorities while managing your Groups.

Admin Assist will be launched in the next few months, first for desktop, then for the app. Follow our Twitter to get the latest updates on feature releases. 

Brand Collabs Manager for Facebook Groups

Brand Collabs Manager is a tool for brands, businesses, and creators to monetize through Facebook. Brands can  partner on creating an ad to be delivered for a specific audience. The Brand Collabs Manager is a tool to help brands and creators find, learn more about and connect with each other. 

Before the Facebook Communities Summit, the search engine was only available for content creators, influencers, celebrities, and public figures, but it has since been expanded to include public Facebook Groups, as well. 

What issue is this new tool solving? 

In the past, it was difficult to advertise to a specific Facebook Group community. Groups don’t appear in ad targeting, so businesses had to target these people through interest targeting. Or, if a brand wanted to create a collaboration with a group, the business would need to find the group through Facebook search, then reach out to the admin, which often meant sending a private message that would likely never be seen or replied to. 

Now, the list of public groups are available through the Brand Collabs Tool. After applying as an advertiser, brands can search for Groups to collaborate with as well as review Group insights. Once they find a group, they are able to create a collaboration with that Group to reach their target audience directly. 

It is a safe way to monetize for both parties due to the transparency that Brand Collabs Manager provides. Brands will have access to Group insights, including numbers of members, engagement in posts, and activity within the Group so brands can rest assured that their products and services are promoted through the Group’s relationship with their followers. For Groups, the right brand campaign will increase Group engagement and awareness.  

Although businesses usually overlook Groups due to prior lack of access when creating ads and the time it takes to manage them, with Facebook’s new features, Groups can add value to your customer experience without as much hassle.In the next post, we’ll talk about building a community within your business and how this new resource can support your business along the way.