How Can Hashtags Enhance Your Business Awareness

It is common for people to ask which hashtags their business should use. While business hashtags seem like an accessory to your content, they can enhance your brand awareness if used strategically. A branded hashtag is an excellent example of this. 

Hashtags have become a staple of social media posts over the past 10 years. Every post we see online has a #keyword to contextualize the conversation or add additional information of some type. There are some common rules for hashtag use on the most popular social media platforms essential to creating a winning strategy that will get your content in front of the right people at the right time. These rules form the foundation of all hashtag strategy. 

Common hashtag rules to enhance business awareness

A branded hashtag is the most important and challenging type of user-generated content to master in social media. To achieve the goal for this content, it is necessary to take some important steps. These common rules will make it “easier” for your business hashtag to trend online. 

1.  Easy To Remember

When choosing a hashtag, it is essential to ensure that social media users will be able to remember it. Think of names that are easy to spell and pronounce. The last thing your business wants is to have users misspelling your branded hashtag, otherwise all the effort put into it, it will be for nothing. Another important element is to keep it short. Keep in mind the objective of the hashtag, it will help when determining what your hashtag should be. 

2. Unique

Your branded hashtags are most likely to reach your followers and potential customers when they engage them in conversation. For that to occur, your business hashtag must be more than #events or #business to reach and engage your target audience. Users respond to unique and creative hashtags. To enhance business awareness, your business will need to stand out with creativity.

3. Search Before You Use It

Now, you’ve found what you think is the perfect brand hashtag for your business, and you can’t wait to use it on a post.  Before anything, search your hashtag on all social media channels. Make sure it’s unique to your business, and you won’t need to share attention with anyone else. It is vital to your business hashtag’s success that nobody else uses or has used too recently it in the past. The brand hashtag is like an online ID of your business. Also, ensure that your hashtag, if it has been used before, does not have a second meaning in a different culture that you’re not aware of. It is important to consider how words, when combined, can appear to spell out other words. 

4. Share It Everywhere

Once you’ve created a unique and easy-to-remember branded hashtag, it’s time to let everybody know about it. Share it on every social media account where your business is present. If you don’t know which platforms your business should be on, check our blog post about it ( add link).. Besides sharing it on social media, include it  e-mail marketing, newsletters, and offline materials.This will increase the chances of your hashtag and business name staying fresh in your customers’ minds. A highly recommended practice to boost your business hashtag is to create online challenges and contests and include a rule for participants to include your business hashtag in their posts, comments, and stories in order to participate. Finally, make sure to engage with posts from your followers who use the hashtag to thank them or comment on the posts they’ve shared. Consider resharing content that uses your branded hashtag on your pages and tag the original poster to shout out and thank them for the effort they put in to support and feature your brand on their social media.

In addition to branded hashtags, regular hashtags such as #marketingstrategy and #weddingplanner are also important to include in your business posts. However, before you do, search those hashtags on social channels to learn how users are discussing those topics and the context in which the hashtag is being used. This way, your social media strategy will stay up to date, and your business will be using the right hashtag at the right time and within the right context. 

Besides these common rules to use hashtags, there are specific rules for each social media platform regarding hashtags. Executing the correct hashtag strategy will greatly benefit your business awareness.

Twitter Hashtags 

The main strategy around hashtags on Twitter is to group and categorize tweets to help people follow topics or events they are interested in. Having that in mind, your business should have a branded hashtag plus hashtags that revolve around your business segment. The segmented hashtag must be specific. Hashtags like #cake, #game, and #water are too vague, and it’s likely to deliver low engagement. Twitter works best with fewest hashtags possible, between one and two. Less is more on Twitter. We recommend no more than 2 hashtags per tweet for better performance. Tweets with one hashtag are 69% more likely to get retweeted than the ones with two hashtags. 

Instagram Hashtags 

Your business goal is likely to have as many people viewing and engaging with your content as possible on Instagram. Instagram’s algorithm changes all the time, and it’s impossible to beat it. However, the algorithm doesn’t affect hashtags. Because of this, it’s important to use hashtags to improve your business online awareness. 

Instagram allows users to have up to 30 hashtags per post. In this case, your business should plan to have 30 hashtags for every post. Remember that one of them should be your branded hashtag. Hashtags on Instagram are like keywords to describe your picture, so it’s essential that hashtags, pictures, and content describe the same scene. You can use tools like All Hashtag to find hashtags related to the content of your post. 

Don’t forget about Instagram Stories! Whenever you create an Instagram story for your business, add hashtags to enhance your business awareness. Hashtags can be hidden under stickers and photos, so the aesthetics of the stories are cohesive.

Facebook Hashtags 

Hashtags on Facebook are less popular than on Instagram and Twitter, but can still bring positive results if used the right way. Keep it short, no more than two hashtags on Facebook as studies showed that too many hashtags means lower engagement. It’s important to keep in mind that hashtags on Facebook can be used to encourage engagement. Businesses can create content using heavily discussed topics such as #Election2020. Another important reason to use hashtags on Facebook is to enhance content and campaign with branded hashtags. However, keep in mind that the majority of posts on Facebook from personal accounts have strong privacy settings, meaning that even if a follower is using your branded hashtag on their posts, you will not be able to see it or search for it.  

Hashtags are a very important piece of your strategy for your business to succeed online. If done well, they can enhance your business awareness, which might be the ultimate objective of your online presence. If you have any questions, contact us, and we will be happy to help your business. We also offer a 30-minute virtual consultation to discuss your goals.