Fantastic Fashion!

Coming soon, Andrea Ward, the Voice of Fashion in Seattle, will be posting as a co-author on Maggie Brookes. So, once again, the site will be making a slight transformation. The posts will primarily be by me, Maggie B, with a few highlights from Andrea. I am very excited for her to be sharing her experiences and insights on the fashion on my blog!

Andrea and I have been working together since September this year when we met at Fashion First Seattle. Since then it has been a roller coaster ride of fashion, fun, fragrance, and frizzy enthusiasm! I’ve learned so much from Andrea and from working with her. I feel truly lucky to have met her and to have been given the opportunity to be part of her adventure as she solidifies her place in Seattle.

Coming soon, a post by Andrea on our little Gene Juarez and Michael Kors Wednesday Night Out in South Center Mall. There was chocolate, strawberries, champagne, of course great clothes, and amazing hair and make up.

I am going to give a little hint at what is to come in the blog post. Think
Glam, Jam, and Glitter at Gene Juarez and Michael Kors! Look for a savvy make up tip from an amazing Gene Juarez Makeup artist and some jazzy fashion lingo about the upcoming holiday season (get ready for your tongue to be twisted by Andrea’s creative and spunky alliteration!)

Andrea Ward and Maggie Brookes at Gene Juarez

Until soon,