Michael Kors, Gene Juarez, Barneys, The Finerie, Andrea Ward, Thanksgiving?

Does anyone else have this sneaking suspicion that the holidays are laughing at us? Here we are, busy business people, scrambling to get all of our work done in a short week and get ready for the holiday season. We might look more ridiculous than the turkey running around with its head cut off.

I love working, I really do. But the literal hours have been sucking all the time out of my other love, Blogging.

This post is a brief update on what is going on with all that stuff I’ve been mentioning, hinting, and rambling about.

First: Michael Kors.

Maggie and Andrea in sparkling sequins

I promise this post will be coming soon. Andrea and I went to an event there, as mentioned previously. There are a lot of great pictures and we are going to write about it pronto.

Second: Gene Juarez.

I am disappointed to report, that while I did attend where Gene Juarez was talk on Thursday night, I am unable to write a post on it this time because I fainted about five minutes into the presentation and missed the majority of it. Darn it!

Third: Barneys NY.

Barneys NY Gaga Themed Store Front- Seattle

Andrea and I went to the premiere of the holiday Gaga theme at Barneys NY in Seattle yesterday. We wrote the article this morning (at the break of dawn) and submitted it to Spotlight Seattle. It should be posted soon. I will provide updates on that as soon as I get the link. (photo credits, Jami Davis Photography)

Fourth: The Finerie.

Maggie B and Andrea Ward at The Finerie

Great little shop on First Ave in Seattle. Andrea and I went there after Barneys yesterday for the other article we wrote (just after the break of dawn) this morning. It too will soon be posted on Spotlight with some interesting details about the store as well as the upcoming O’Christmas Trees fundraising event (will update with link asap). I will also be attending the Luncheon next week and will have a post for you on that as well! (photo credits, Jami Davis Photography)

Fifth: Andrea.

Andrea Ward at Barneys NY

My dear friend and lovely New York City Stylist. We will be working on her blog posts on December 1st when we are meeting after Turkey Day. Stay tuned she is sure to be a blast! (photo credits, Jami Davis Photography)

Sixth: Thanksgiving.

A turkey I colored for Thanksgiving this year

Oh yeah, that thing that is shortening our weeks and gobbling at us from the Future (ie tomorrow). My family is coming to town from Oregon today so I have been working to get this all set up. I am planning to set up some posts to auto-post throughout the Holiday. We will see!

Hope that satisfies all those burning questions in your mind! haha.

Until soon,
Have a turk-a-lurkey Thanksgiving,
Maggie B.

Ps. First day of Elfing— FRIDAY! I’m working 2pm-9pm. Come down to 6th and Pine and see me!