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This morning I was co-host for “Strut in Signature Style” on the Chat With Women Network, 1150AM. This was the third time that I have been on the show with Andrea Ward but the first time that I have been able to really talk about the effect of blogging and social media on the fashions in the area and across the country.


On the air with me was Rebecca from the Eastside Fashion Blog and Lindsey from the local I Like Weddings blog.

Rebecca, Lindsey, and Maggie at the Radio Studio

As a group of younger women, we talked about how blogging affected our lives and what role it played in fashion. I thought that this was an interesting topic especially because Andrea comes form an earlier generation that didn’t grow up with the internet. Blogging is somewhat foreign to her. Rebecca described her blog as a type of online diary where she can post her thoughts on the events and trends that are happening in the fashion world. Lindsey described hers as a way to connect with other like-minded people who are searching for a place to satisfy their craving for everything weddings. I agree with both of those definitions but feel there is more to blogging than just that. There is also the ability to provide valuable information to readers, to build trust and a community around a topic, and of course, blogging, when done correctly, can really help improve SEO and drive traffic. There are more benefits to blogs as well but I think that between the three of us we covered the basics.

One of the more interesting ideas that came up during the radio show was the idea that blogs and other internet outlets are becoming a place where women can go to gain an understanding and an insight into the fashion world. My strategy, when the new seasons trends come out, was to wander the high end stores and then go into the more affordable stores and mimic the looks and trends that I really liked. But those high end stores can be intimidating so why not look online where you can safely hide behind your computer? Plus, you don’t have to leave home and you can do it when ever you have time!

Spring 2011 Fashion Trends from

Another benefit of fashion blogs is the specific insight they provide to the reader on fashion trends. We do not all have time to go to fashion shows, browse the stores, and sift through all the information surrounding what is hot and what is not. Blogs give us the Sparknotes on what we need to know now from a voice that we learn to trust. On a blog, we can even ask questions and make comments that we might not be able to do at a fashion event or in a retail store.

Tahari 'Belle' Capelet at

Just think! All the information in one place, neatly organized and ready to go! Print off your favorites, bring in your smart phones, or just use that burning memory of that beautiful capelet you saw on your favorite fashion blog and then off to the mall! You can now browse with a purpose and enjoy sifting through all the clothes at those more affordable stores or head straight to your high end store of choice and find that signature piece that has been floating through your dreams.

A blogger’s main purpose is to connect with their readers in a way that a “How To” book could not. Rebecca and Lindsey have a clear passion for the work they are doing and it comes out in their writing. Make sure you check out their blogs for more insight onto what trends and events are happening now… All this talk of fashion blogging has got me in the mood to shop!

Until soon,
Maggie B.

ps. I would love to hear what you think about blogging and where it is now compared to where it was 10 years ago, 5 years ago, 1 year ago. Do you think that blogs are legitimate sources of information? Do you use blogs to find out what is happening and what you should do? Let me know! 


2 thoughts on “Strut in Signature Style Radio Show

  1. Sue Ellen Katz says:

    I love blogging as it holds my feet to the fire to in order to stay true to my own creative process. I don’t know how much I offer in the way of “information” yet, but it seems to serve my needs as a way to connect my work to the public BEFORE I decide to actually provide the public with access to it – in other words, until I decide to market my craft. I see it as a way to document my own transformation and keep a public record of my progress (kind of like a public diary). I’ve been blogging since 2009 and am currently on my second project. It feels like I’m building a foundation for the future; for what purpose I’m not quite sure (YET)!

    • Maggie Brookes says:


      Thank you so much for the comment! I think your reason for blogging makes a lot of sense. You are not only doing something for yourself in the form of a creative outlet, but you are building a group of listeners and loyal friends through sharing your journey. If or when you decide to begin to sell your creations, you will already have a group of people who have an attachment to you and your work.
      Good luck and thank you!

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