Interesting Statistics and Increasing Blog Hits

I’ve been very busy recently working with clients and taking care of their needs and sitting at home at 8pm when I get home and feeling too tired to get up another blog post for myself. Instead, I’ll watch Mad Men reruns. But I know that updating content and keeping a consistent flow is extremely important for many reasons. And while I haven’t been posting, I have been thinking a lot about a few trends that I’ve seen on my blog and on one of my clients’ blog.

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First, let’s talk about what I’ve seen. As you may know, I have had this blog for a couple of years and in that time it has gone through a few iterations and changes. The main being most recently when I converted it into a company blog and website. In the past, I used the blog to post personal musings on news events and other topics. It wasn’t consistent and I didn’t have any readers, but I enjoyed it because I love blogging and the internet. Then it was converted into a travel blog for updates on my cross-country road trip this past summer. I didn’t get to update as much as I was hoping but I got some good posts in there about what we did for those two months. And finally, the business blog.

So what does this have to do with anything? Well looking at the statistics on blog hits, I get a few from people looking up terms like “Maggie Brookes,” “Maggie Social Media,” “Marketing Maggie Brookes,” etc. These are good, obviously because they match the current content and purpose of the blog. I also get hits for “Unilever controversy” and really surprisingly often “turtle.”

The Unilever hits link to a post I wrote as an assignment for a Women’s Studies class I had to take in college. Lacking good content at the time, I posted the essay. Turns out a lot of people are looking for that information. Since the essay contained a lot of key words and decent tagging, when someone searches for “Unilever Axe Controversy” on Google, my post is in the top three.

The “turtle” hits are a little more shocking. They refer to a post I quickly updated when we bought our car for the road trip. There isn’t even any real content in the post. It is just a cartoon I found off the internet of someone riding a turtle. It was a joke.

Percentage of Hits on Maggie Brookes from Search Engine Terms

Let me just show you the type of hits I get from search engine terms for the past week: See image

Obviously, this is not ideal. But I know that there will be a lag period between when people start looking for my site once they hear about me. So I am not so worried that I am not getting enough hits to my blog from people looking for my blog. What I don’t exactly know what to do with is the percentage of people who end up here looking for one thing and finding it in the middle of a social media strategy site.

Do I take down those posts to limit the number of people who arrive at the blog looking for something else? Or does it matter because they are finding the information they searched for?

I would love to hear your opinions on this. 

Second, one of my clients regularly posts blogs on ““Playing Big: Building an Extraordinary Life with Emotional Intelligence.” Generally, he gets a good number of hits through Facebook and Twitter and a couple other sources. Recently, the number of hits on his blog was more than 4 times what he normally receives. Just for one day, for one post. The WordPress analytics weren’t sufficient to really determine what caused this or if it was just a fluke. I thought that if the analytics were experiencing a flaw, they would right themselves in a couple of days. However, the stat remains the same about a week and a half after that one day. Again, does anyone have any ideas on what could have caused this extreme jump in views? Since then the views have been back to regular.

I am learning as I go about many social media and internet trends. I am always striving to learn more information. Tonight, I am going to a coaching with Devani Freeman, a friend of mine who has been running her social media business a few more years than I have. She has more of a focus on bigger companies though, so we can be friendly competitors. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Interesting Statistics and Increasing Blog Hits

  1. Sechin Tower (@SechinTower) says:

    I say you should definitely keep those old posts. If you delete them, then all those people who are sending their friends and family are going to be irked when their recipients get 404ed. On the other hand, if even a single person comes to your website for off-topic info but stays for your real material, then that turtle has just won the race.

    As for your friends sudden traffic: my guess is somebody big emailed his link to something that went a little viral, but we’ll probably never know for sure. The interwebs work in mysterious ways.

    • Maggie Brookes says:


      thanks so much for the input! very interesting ideas. I will have to keep checking and see how it all turns out. I am promising periodic updates on interesting social media phenomenons. The internet is very mysterious place, you’re right!

      thanks again,
      Maggie B

  2. Bill says:

    Brooke Bond Supreme was the number-one-selling tea brand and was made by Unilever. So that might explain your hit on it, but Turtle? Ha too funny.

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