How social media got me a spot on the radio

If you read my last post or if you don’t know me very well, there is probably some explaining that I need to do.

Just see the movie...

If this is a social media blog, why am I talking about being on a Fashion Segment on the radio? And why do I get to co-host? This is how it started. It is a story of networking, social media, and just saying “yes.” (Ever read “Yes Man?” Don’t. It is one of those cases where the movie is better than the book.)

Social media is really about connecting with your audience. The key is to build a trusting relationship with people. You want to provide your audience with value. Radio, in a lot of ways, is very similar. It is about conversation, about asking for input and about responding to that input. 

Two summers ago I was an intern at Seattle Fashion First working primarily on blogs, press releases, proposals, and other intern stuff (repairing the boss’ iPhone when it broke, getting coffee, all those jazzy intern things). At then end of the internship I returned to Boston for my final year in school on great terms with the founder of the Fashion First and Jared and Joan Events. This year, I volunteered at that event. I was sort of an extra volunteer and did not have a clear job once the show actually began.

Excuse me ladies, the doors don't open until 7pm

Doors were set to be opened at 7 for VIP ticket holders but the security had not shown up yet to keep people outside until doors opened. I figured that these people were coming to watch a fashion show and couldn’t be too dangerous so I went out and played bouncer until security showed up.

While I was standing out there, I offered to take a photo for two women who had arrived early and wanted a picture outside the venue. We got to talking and I told them about my new Social Media Strategy business. As it turns out, one of the women had just moved here from New York City and was working on getting a radio show going and needed some serious help and training in social media. She told me to email her and we could see if there was a way we could work something out.

So I did. From there everything started to take off. I helped her improve her klout score from basically nothing to a 46 in a little over a month. She has learned a lot about how to use Facebook and Twitter and is moving on to getting her website and blog going to improve her overall presence on the internet.

Andrea Ward, Maggie, Anne Vincent

TV interview with Anne Vincent, Lawrence Zarian, Andrea Ward, and Maggie B.

Initially, and because of the timing of everything, we went together as press to cover several important fashion events in the Greater Seattle Area. I would be in charge of photos, tweets, and Facebook updates and she was in charge of the rest. From there we were able to connect virtually and in person with many influential people in the fashion world. Through her vigorous networking we interviewed Stacy London, Anne Vincent, Lawrence Zarian, along with many others. I connected with fashion groups in the area and was given press passes to more events and interviews with others who has started to listen to our tweets and wanted to get on the radio as well.

One example of this was the radio show last week. I had started having a Twitter conversation with Eastside Fashion. It wasn’t until after Fashion Week Out that we were able to meet the face behind the blog and the Twitter. Through tweets and similar hashtags we realized we were both going to the same event and planned to meet up.

@EastsideFashion and @ILikeWeddings

And ta-da! After talking, Andrea decided that she should come on the radio with her friend, @ILikeWeddings. And because I am from the younger generation who has grown up with technology and the internet and I arranged our meeting, Andrea felt it was important that I be on the show with the two girls, as well. I had also proven my ability to articulate myself on the radio in two other previous shows (Fox’s Gem Shop and Fashion Week Bellevue, listen here!) where I was primarily a side commentator.

Just goes to show that social media, networking, and some old-fashioned risk taking can take you places you never imaged you would be.

Until soon,
Maggie B.