Renowned New York City Stylist Comes to Seattle

These past couple months I have been working with Andrea Ward, a well-known stylist from New York City. Having recently relocated to the Greater Seattle Area, Andrea needed some help building her reputation and business in this new community. I was there from the beginning helping her build her presence online through social media as well as through networking at fashion events throughout September. But now it is time to get serious.

Duell Fisher interviewing Andrea and me at Fashion event

Andrea has been working hard to build relationships with important players in the Seattle Area including, Gene Juarez, Barney’s New York, Komo 4 News, SpotLight Seattle, along with many more. In her savvy and smart way, she was able to bring all of these connections together to create a beautiful photo shoot where she styled four women (including me!) from the Seattle Area in Barney’s clothes. Gene Juarez did the hair and makeup and Red Box provided the space for the photography. The four women included the creator of SpotLight Seattle, a prestigious online magazine that covers all the hot events in the area, a publicist and co-founder of Larj, a creative company that is helping Andrea with her new website, a reporter and fill-in anchor from Komo4 news, and myself, the younger generation of fashion and social media girl / Andrea’s assistant. She also styled three outfits for herself to be photographed in with the help of Barneys.

Then yesterday, Andrea and I met downtown at Gene Juarez for our hair and makeup. Christophe, my hair stylist, did my hair straight and shiny with a small curl under. My makeup was natural and subdued since my photo shoot personality was a confident young professional on her way to a job interview. Monet did my makeup and it was beautiful. I looked so fantastic. It is amazing what they can do. They truly are artists.

Hair and makeup by Gene Juarez!

Throughout the day, the other women showed up and had their makeup and hair done as well. Then finally around 4:45pm we headed off to the studio to change, enjoy some champagne and snacks, and get our photos done.

I was pretty nervous. I don’t really feel that I come out super great in pictures.  I am always making some sort of weird expression or doing something awkward with my elbows or feet or who knows. But I believe that I got some good shots. (Hopefully, I will have a few pre-edit photos to share soon). After everyone else was done shooting we quickly packed up the stuff and headed out. Andrea and I went to get a pizza because we were starving and talked about how everything went for the day.

It was a huge success. Andrea orchestrated an amazing accomplishment for only being in Seattle for a few months. She is truly and inspiration to me. A real go-getting and a real do-er. She talks about things she is going to do and then she gets them done. It is incredible. I hope that some day, I too will be like Andrea. The work-hard-do-whatever-it-takes kind of woman who can really build her place in the business world of fashion.

Until Soon,
Maggie B.

ps. I missed a post yesterday because of the craziness of the photo shoot, but I plan to post a second one this evening. Keep a look out! 🙂

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