How social media got me a spot on the radio

How to Social media and Radio connect? Here is my story... Social media is really about connecting with your audience. The key is to build a trusting relationship with people. You want to provide your audience with value. Radio, in a lot of ways, is very similar. It is about conversation, about asking for input and about responding to that input.

Strut in Signature Style Radio Show

This morning I was co-host for "Strut in Signature Style" on the Chat With Women Network, 1150AM. This was the third time that I have been on the show with Andrea Ward but the first time that I have been able to really talk about the effect of blogging and social media on the fashions in the area and across the country.

Interesting Statistics and Increasing Blog Hits

Well looking at the statistics on blog hits, I get a few from people looking up terms like "Maggie Brookes," "Maggie Social Media," "Marketing Maggie Brookes," etc. These are good, obviously because they match the current content and purpose of the blog. I also get hits for "Unilever controversy" and really surprisingly often "turtle."