Webinar Review: Social Media to Grow Business

The other day, I watched a webinar called “Social Media to Rapidly Grow Business.” The presenter was Mike Stelzner, founder of SocialMediaExaminer.com and the author of Writing White Papers. I am going to do a quick review of the first main point from the webinar and will continue with a couple more in the coming days.

Main Point 1:

Your business is powered by PEOPLE.

Because this was a webinar on social media, the “people” here was primarily referring to followers, readers, audience, and conversationalists. People who are helping with the business operations side should also be remembered, but this post will focus on those outside of your company.

What can you do to take care of your people?

  • Focus on your followers:
    Meet the desires of your followers. Learn what it is they need and provide them with solutions! Listen to them. Talk with them.  And learn from them. If you are paying attention, it will become clear to you what they need.
  • Provide followers with CONTENT:
    At the core people want thoughtful insight from great people. But you do not want to be giving away all your knowledge in one go. Provide your followers with insights that will solve their smaller problems without asking for anything back. This will gain their trust and they will be willing to pay for your knowledge on more intensive issues in the future
  • Don’t hound followers with marketing messages:
    Make sure the content you are providing is not a hidden marketing message. The value in email database building is obvious. However, sometimes is it important to provide content without requiring an email. This removes the marketing message from your insight and will bring people back as well as draw more people to you. Shift your thoughts from “how can we sell?” to “how can we help?”
  • Demonstrate your expertise:
    Like I mentioned earlier, people are looking and starving for insightful information, provide them with your content, ideas, stories, and interviews with industry experts. This will all reassure your followers that they have found someone they can trust to provide the information they need.
  • Focus on other people:
    Don’t always focus on yourself. Recount stories of others and what can be learned from those experiences. Shine spotlights on others in your industry, either experts or successful peers. When you spotlight others, they will in turn spotlight you. This will expand your reach as well as build your credibility.

REMEMBER: Your business is powered by people. People want access to great insight, great people, and recognition. People have been listening to marketing messages selling them something for years. They know what it sounds like. Remove your marketing messages and replace it with content. You will build trust with your followers and will grow your business.