How Smart Devices are Changing the Retail Experience [INFOGRAPHIC]

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2 thoughts on “How Smart Devices are Changing the Retail Experience [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. Maggie Brookes says:

    Providing content to mobile users in a proactive way will increase the brand awareness and potentially increase sales. Mobile users use their smart phones to look for places to shop often times based on reviews or deals. 1/3 are using location based check in services. Say hello to smart phone users by letting them know they are near your brand, that you have a deal going on, or an insider piece of information. If they are looking for somewhere to go, being the first to call out may sway them in your direction.
    Also, encourage them to post on social media sites after a purchase to let their friends know their thoughts on their new purchase or experience.
    Track social comments and reviews and respond to both positive and negative comments to increase awareness and engagement. Getting a thank you for a positive review or an answer to a complaint tends to increase brand loyalty. Even with negative complaints, when a response is given with a solution, people tend to give the brand a second chance in the future instead of leaving with just the memory of a negative experience.

    What do you think? Does this match your experience?

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