The Creation of a Business Opportunity

News of the day: Recovery Threatened by Student Loan Debt. Wait, I thought that education was supposed to be the answer to the future. Now that it seems like you have to have a bachelors to be considered for a job, everyone is shipping off to college after high school. For many, it is just the obvious next step, for some who feel that college isn’t right for them, find themselves explaining away their choice to enter the job market right away.

To make matters worse, anyone graduating during the recession had a serious choice to make: take your chances out in the daunting job market, or stay in school and get more education. Being caught in the middle of this unlucky age bracket myself, I had many peers who decided that more education would make the most sense at the time, after all, if you’re already $10,000+ in debt, what difference does another $10,000 really make?

I graduated with student loan debt hovering around $50,000. But I knew going in that attending Boston University would set me back. It was more than worth it though. To this day, I tell people that going to BU was the best life choice I have made so far. I opted to pay it back on a graduated scale since I wasn’t planning to go to graduate school any time soon. That meant, $200 a month for the first two years and up and up after that for the next 8. Maybe by the time I have my first kid, I’ll have paid off college. Maybe. I’ll cross my fingers.

Then there is that whole trying to get a job thing. So there I was, returned home to the Emerald City, Seattle, Washington. Even though Seattle was said to have been doing better than most, there weren’t many real gem stones of jobs just waiting to be scooped up by just anyone. The crazy thing was, I wasn’t just anyone. I had done well in college, raking in two degrees and a decent collection of internships and job experience. Still, there I was, wondering when I would hear those magical words “You’re hired.”

Being one of those people who can’t sit still for very long, I quickly started finding work to do while I spent most of my hours job hunting. I reconnected with some contacts from before college and started offering social media strategy, training, and coaching. Soon, I decided to stop listening for those magical words to come out of someone else’s mouth and said them to myself.

Self Employed! Me! An Entrepreneur!

Thus I created my own position. If you can’t find a job. Make one. Create for yourself that dream position that you have been striving after. Go out there, look at the market, use your skills, and get a business license. This is your time. What better opportunity to try out starting your own business than now? If you have a job, but you have been thinking about that special passion of yours for a while, make the time for it in the morning, in the evening, on your lunch. Yeah, you’ll be working a lot, but to that I say: “Lucky you to have two jobs while some have none!”

If you have passion, there is opportunity. Don’t wait any more!

One of my clients, Steve Gutzler, just wrote a post on this very idea: Taking the first step toward your dream. If I haven’t convinced you, he will.

Good Luck and Smooth Sails!

Until Soon,
Maggie B

4 thoughts on “The Creation of a Business Opportunity

  1. Cheryl Gnad says:

    Hi Maggie! I have enjoyed browsing your FB site and your FB blog! I am also a Social Media Manager doing SM marketing too. My path – like you, I was laid off, had to make do the job search thing without results, ate up my Unemployment money, and had to decide! I have always wanted to do my business – which I was plowing through, in direct sales. I got caught up in social media and marketing (from one of my past jobs) and decided to make a business out of social media as well. So yes, your business plan was mine too! I will be following you more!

    • Maggie Brookes says:

      Hi Cheryl,

      Glad to hear that you have found something that will work for you! It can be a really tough job market out there. I know that after graduating from college and not being able to find a job immediately, I was having a hard time figuring out what to do. It didn’t take me long to jump on this opportunity. I am looking forward to hearing more from you Cheryl!

      Best of success to you!

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