Bellevue Club Holiday Bazaar!

Saturday was a packed day. First, Seattle Chocolates Grand Opening Party then Holiday Bazaar at the Bellevue Club, and finally to the dog park.

There is something about the holidays that is purely loving. I love going to the mall during holiday shopping. I don’t mind the crowds so much. I just like to watch everyone mill around, frantically, thoughtfully, happily. I love it because everyone there is shopping, but at this time of year, you know that they are looking at that sweater, that card, that cool new gadget with someone they love in mind. They are searching for that item that will inspire smiles, illicit gasps of surprise and joy, and burst hearts with love. Maybe I am being a little romantic, but I really encourage you to stop for a minute and take a breath this holiday season and just watch. Think about all the love that is being tossed around and allow yourself that moment to smile at how beautiful people are and how beautiful they make our world.

The Bellevue Club Holiday Bazaar was the official beginning to my holiday shopping season. I have been keeping notes on potential holiday gifts for loved ones for a few months, but this was the beginning of getting a few things for a few friends. The event was full of creativity, unique local vendors, and sparkle and glitter. There were products ranging from earrings to sweaters to candles to paintings to books to stuffed handmade Santas (I bought one of those). They even had a choir singing from atop the gymnasium and hot apple cider and crafts for the kids. How perfectly merry!

Here are a few of my favorite booths I stopped by:


I love this one because I think that Rachel Kim, who runs the online retail store, has some real pizzazz and a great business sense. She picks out great clothing to sell because she knows her customer. The stuff here is unique and young and all about living in the city and having a good time. I wrote a post about VueSociety earlier this month as well make sure to check it out for a Veteran’s Day promo code!

Thomas Boatright Oils on Canvas:

He had beautiful paintings. My favorite was of a vase of red flowers (poppies I think). But everything he did was absolutely amazing. He describes his work on his website here “I like to paint colors. They talk to my mind and soul. Sometimes they are beautiful and perfect; sometimes they take time or other colors to become brilliant; sometimes they don’t talk to me. I try to capture the brilliance. I paint the best when I let the colors go and not try to control them. When I paint, I realize I am able to let my soul describe how I see the world. I like that. I see the world, light and colors, as brilliant and magnificent.” Make sure you check his page out, but you have to see his work in person too.

dirtypretty artwear:


I spent a while talking with Amy Clem, who designs and creates these pieces of jewelry. I even tried on one of her necklaces. The name, Dirty Pretty, comes from the idea that steel is so industrial but by crafting it into something with such character it becomes something beautiful. On the home page of the site it is described as “urban whimsey for your mind, body, soul.” I loved this because it was all so unique and impressive. Unfortunately, you’ll have to take my word on this one since her website isn’t up yet. But it says “coming soon,” so I would keep checking back with anticipation as her work is more than worth it.

MULUK: The Art of Recycling

These pieces caught my eye from across the room and then drew me in until I was kneeling looking at the detail in every piece displayed. They were comical, weird, moving, and full of some sort of emotion. They are hard to describe but there was something about these pieces that just screamed creativity without being deliberately alternative about it. There is so much individuality in these pieces that there is literally something for everyone. And they were all made on pieces of recycled wood. Essentially, they were paintings combined with photos sealed together. They put emphasis on color and lack there of. You can also check out their etsy site and read more information to see where they will be showing their craft next. As a side note, they also make hats and ties. Remember, literally something for everyone.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten to keep you updated on my adventures at the North Pole and the status of my elf-hood. In fact, today I have an interview with two head elves to see if I qualify to become an Elf. I am planning to report news of my experience Friday. That will surely be something that you don’t want to miss!

Until Soon,
Maggie B.

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale!

Short post tonight, mainly because the tail end of my week has been pretty calm. Mostly just business as usual and then Pearl and I went to the dog park to “get out her ya ya’s” as someone said while we were there. I have to admit she has a few of those. To be honest, I might too.

Pearl "swimming"

After that, I met my roommate in Bellevue Square for dinner and drinks. We had to loosen up a bit before we went shopping, of course! While we were there, we were trying to come up with names of animals that start with the letter “N.” We thought for a while and couldn’t think any exciting ones, the bartender thought of “newt” and the someone else thought of “nutria.” the winner had to be this one guy there who thought of “nilgai.” Apparently, that is a type of antelope in Africa? This is what it looks like:

Now you know what a Nilgai is!

Let’s get to the point, IT IS THE HALF YEARLY SALE AT NORDSTROM! Just in case you missed it, it is the half yearly sale at Nordstrom! Women’s and children’s are on sale right now! We had to make an appearance and see what we could find. I was on the hunt for some new tops for work. It seems that I have accumulated an awful lot of skirts but have a very limited number of tops to choose from. Every morning I would wake up and look in my closet and feel like when I used to play with my Barbie as a child and she never had the right clothes either. Sigh.

Not exactly what I want to go out in on Friday night

The sale is amazing. I found more than enough blouses and sweaters and cardigans to last me. I tried everything on and then had to make those difficult dressing room decisions about what comes home and what stays. There was a dress I left behind that I loved but wasn’t quite the look I am trying to create for myself. But, there were many more things that I saw that I take home! And for an amazing deal. It was definitely a successful shopping night. I know my Barbie would be jealous of my wardrobe options now. We didn’t even have the chance to look at shoes… Guess we’ll have to go back tomorrow after we attend the Holiday Bazaar at the Bellevue Club!

Komarov Diamond Pleated Charmeuse Dress

The holidays are just getting started but I am already thinking about what I want to wear to all those pre-holiday parties, on the holiday parties, post holiday parties and of course New Years Eve parties. You never know, I might even have a date to go with this year… wink wink 🙂

What event are you looking forward to this holiday season?

Until soon,
Maggie B.

Sophia 3

This is part of a series that I wrote in the beginning of High School. I had them previously posted on a different blog, but in an effort to consolidate, I have moved them here

The next day Sophia woke up in a tent in her back yard. She was content. Except that she was awoken by persistant questioning about going to a swim carwash, which she really really didn’t want to go to  but had promised a car ride to Sam. So she had to go. But she would only stay for an hour that was the deal. Sadly she ended up stuck there for two whole long long hours. Then she was free to shop. Like all Saturdays were intended to be used for.

 First stop: Nordstrom Rack.

Success rate: negative one.

Hunger factor: plus three.

Second stop: Old Country Buffet

Success rate:  Plus ten

Hunger factor: Negative five

Third stop: Old Navy

Success rate: Plus nine

Hunger factor: Plus two 

Sophia’s success at Old Navy was one to be measuere. She bought three belts, blue pink and gray and three pairs of shorts, two blue jeans and one white, a jean skirt and a jean dress. Her favorite size shorts were the 4, and they did fist ther the best the 8s were much too wide around the waste. Much too long too. On her way home in her confertable blue bug she listened and and sang to the best songs on her Daneil Lanois CD. Its all good.
She remembered the day when she had been here with her mom and her mom had startled her by revealing to her that it was at this mall that her mom realized that Sophia was all grown up. When she saw boys and even full grown men checking her out… Sophia thought that was kind of gross.