Lovely Lights

Lovely lights of luminous longevity
Keep this kidish kindred child
Infatuated with initial impressions
Of simply shy sexual seduction

Slowly she senses some
Rarely real revelations of regret
Pushing pointless plundering plots
Over other ominous omissions of
Truthful tragedies she tumbles towards

Falling faster and fearful and focused
Everclear eyes enter an eternity of
Red raging rolling rivers
Salty streams of suffocating sadness


Autumn auburns and ambers
She hides her hidden heart wholly
Stunning spirit shunning the sun
Waiting and wishing a wonderous will would
Rise righting rash and ruddy rejected
Ideas of idiocracy and improve imaginings
Of everlasting empires enticing
Her healing hopeful heart

Come Now and Satisfy My Craving Heart

Come now and satisfy my craving heart

Confirm to me the true meaning

Behind your careful words

End this agony of unrequited questioning and wonder

These days are long but

More manageable when your distance is clear

When suddenly this addiction cannot

Resist your numbing presence

Time slows

Aching comes

This desire to hear you

Fulfill these thoughts of mine



There is never enough time

My heart misses you even before you leave

No matter how short the time before I will see you again

I cannot help but feel a pain at you’re leaving

Sometimes it is my leaving that leaves my heart in shreds

I too have limited our time together

Even so, I cannot find reason to detach myself from your side

I long to be with you always

What we would do, I have no idea

But just to be together would almost certainly be enough for me







The phrase “I have eyes only for you”

Takes on new meaning when with you

It seems that it is easy for me to only see you

Because all I ever look at is you

Even when you look away I stare at you

My eyes are attached forever to you

The smile the breaks across your face as I look at you

Is enough for me to stare until you see me looking

This phrase “I have eyes only for you”

Is to me a simple “I love you”

Can She Find It?

Can She Find It?

the day is awoke with a chill from the warmth
she awoke with a brightness from the darkness
moved by the light and the the thoughts of warmth
she arrives at the source of her state
but today is a good day
because today is the day that she gets to shine
shine brighter than the rest
but the shining hurts
its not what she wanted
she wanted to be dull, to have a straight answer
where she was is not right for her
but now she doesnt know
she asked for a sign
she gets to glow and tower
but it was hard to get here
and she worked hard to try
and she was successful
but what does it mean?
is it the right way to go?
should she be doing this?
or is she holding herself back?
what glories could she see if she were somewhere else?
her peers say no
her parents say yes
which direction to go?
nobody listens to her
they have their own way
it is her problem but she is lost deep under their talking
small like a swimmer at the bottom of a lake of opinions
but she sees a way out
a way to breathe
a way to release the pressure
but she needs another option
this one is closing off
there isnt much time
and she ruined it yesterday, what about tomorrow?
will she still have this support then?
her light is dimming
and she no longer shines
people watch as she dulls
and they try to help
some do though, some do so much
but she was in for a suprise,
a wall set up so long ago is broken and she is freed
she uses the bricks to get closer to the surface
but it is not enough
it will be long before she finds
long before she realizes she has had it
long before she lets it out
and she knows there is hope
but can she find it?