026“Life is a great big canvas- throw all the paint on it you can”- Danny Kaye

Brooke Hubbard, founder of MBMedia, is a Boston University and University of Washington graduate with a high-energy personality who throws paint all across the canvas of life. Upon returning to Seattle, she started a Social Media and Digital Media business providing strategy and support for businesses and individuals.

Brooke is the proud owner of two cats who love to jump from high places and surprise her. She is a morning person and an enthusiastic learner. She previously taught at the Art Institute of Seattle in the Fashion Marketing and Advertising departments. Prior experience includes acting as the social media manager and events and recognition manager for a startup mobile service company and as an assistant editor for an online luxury life magazine. She has a passion for bringing strategy to life, finding creative solutions, and throwing really fun parties.

30 Under 30 Award 2016: 425 Business

screen-shot-2016-09-10-at-3-13-56-pmBrooke Hubbard likes to listen, possibly because her mom taught her to ask questions. So when clients need help with social media marketing, Hubbard first asks them to let it all out — their goals, their limitations, their dreams.

When it comes to finding solutions, that’s when she takes over. In addition to growing her business, Hubbard
teaches fashion marketing at the Art Institute of Seattle and offers her marketing skills to nonprofits at a deep discount.

After work, she usually settles down with a good book. She just finished the Swedish bestseller A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman. She also loves her cats, her family, and Kim Possible — the crime-fighting star of the Disney Channel cartoon. “She is strong and determined, but she has a softer fun and loving side to her as well. And she always sees the best in people. I like to believe I am like her,” Hubbard said. — LF