MBMedia works with clients to determine how to accomplish goals through increased internet presence and fan awareness and engagement. In short, MBMedia works to meet you where you are, refine strategies to meet your goals, and grow your audience and your business. Social media is no longer about growing the largest following possible. Instead, it is about finding the right audience and driving the right engagement, engagement that leads to conversions and positive results.

Specific strategy crafted for your business needs

Not every business has the same social media needs and MBMedia recognizes that. Having worked with a variety of industries (from motivational speaking, to technology, to sustainability, to non-profit, to fashion), MBMedia understands that audiences are different and require different means of connection. Which is why at MBMedia there is no predetermined formula for social media success but rather a specially crafted strategy made just for you. MB Media will meet with you and discuss your goals, vision, your business, and even a little bit about you. Your audience will appreciate feeling like they are building a relationship with a real person—a person they like.

Packages designed to fit your company’s needs 

MBMedia will craft a personalized package for your company to fit the exact needs you have at the budget you are comfortable with. From full strategy, maintenance, and development packages, to individual project packages, we will work with you to determine the perfect fit. MBMedia can also provide consultation, education courses, or trainings on social media for individuals, departments, groups, or companies. Trainings are offered either hourly or longer depending on your needs and can be customized to fit the exact areas of interest or skill development you are looking for.

Summary of Services: 

  • Comprehensive Social Media Strategy for your company or your event
  • Implementation and Maintenance of Strategy
  • Education and consultation on Social Media Tools and their Benefits
  • E-book writing and editing
  • Coaching and Consultation on Social Media Best Practices
  • Speaking and trainings for your company or business group on Social Media Best Practices
  • Consultation and/or execution of integrating Social Media into your event

Wondering about a related service? Feel free to contact us and let us know what you need. We’d love to see how we can help!

Past and current clients include: 
Farinaz Taghavi, Bedlove, Picadipity, Metropolitan Fashion Week, Fashion First Seattle, leadership coach Steve Gutzler, Street Dog Digital, Dr Smart Phones, Fitcode, SHARPLY, LumberUnion, How To Marketing, Dr. Wade McKenna, Riverdog Daycare and Training, Eco Cowboys, stylist Andrea Ward, Bellevue West Little League, La Ree Boutique, Picadipity, Elizabeth Roberts, and others.
MBMedia was launched in 2011.