MBMedia works with clients to determine how to accomplish goals through increased internet presence and brand awareness and engagement. In short, MBMedia works to meet you where you are, refine strategies to meet your goals, and grow your audience and your business. Social media is no longer about growing the largest following possible. Instead, it is about finding the right audience and driving the right engagement, the engagement that leads to conversions and positive results, all based on the data.

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Gone are the days of guesswork when it comes to social media. MBMedia dives into the data to determine what is working and what needs improvement. There is no silver bullet when it comes to content strategy, ads, or target audiences. Instead, we test exhaustively to ensure that we are driving the right people to your social, to your website, and ultimately to your checkout. Our strategy starts with a small budget followed by several stages of optimization. Only then are we willing to ask for a larger advertising budget from our clients because only then are we confident we will be using their dollars in the most effective ways possible.

In the past, MBMedia has used this strategy to drive incredible results for clients, including:

  • Growing a Facebook page pre-product launch to over 10,000 fans in just 1 year, with a $5/day budget
  • Driving over 3 million app downloads, and 1 million app registrations in the first 8 months after launch
  • Sold out ticket sales for the first annual Fremonster Spectacular Halloween Party
  • Nationally trending Twitter hashtag at a live-streamed product launch party
  • 1 billion organic social impressions for new startup brand with a viral coefficient of 1.8
  • Below average cost per lead for a business-to-business brand in the energy industry with LinkedIn Ads
  • Consistently meeting or beating the average cost for advertising across industries and platforms
  • 150% funded Kickstarter campaign within first 36 hours of launch

iconmonstr-control-panel-9-240Custom Social Media Strategy Packages

MBMedia will craft a personalized package for your company to fit the exact needs you have at the budget you are comfortable with. From full strategy, maintenance, and development packages, to individual project packages, we will work with you to determine the perfect fit.

Not every business has the same social media needs and MBMedia recognizes that. Having worked with a variety of industries (from motivational speaking to technology, to sustainability, to non-profit, to fashion), MBMedia understands that audiences are different and require different means of connection. This is why at MBMedia there is no predetermined formula for social media success but rather a specially crafted strategy made just for you. MBMedia will meet with you and discuss your goals, vision, your business, and even a little bit about you. Your audience will appreciate feeling like they are building a relationship with a real person—a person they like.

Price: To be determined after consultation to determine your needs.
Interested? Contact us to set up your FREE 30-minute consultation on which package makes the most sense for your business goals.

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iconmonstr-flip-chart-1-240Social Media Customized Training Sessions 
One-on-one or in a group

2 hours of one-on-one virtual training based on what is most important for the client and the client’s business. These are catered to the industry and brand of the client to ensure that they get the most from the training. All resources presented at the training are delivered to the client afterward as well. Includes:

  1. A complimentary 30-minute introduction conversation to understand the brand, the business goals and the areas where the client would like to improve skills.
  2. A 2-hour 1:1 or group custom virtual training based on the goals and needs discussed in the 30-minute conversation. Normally, we have time to do a deep dive into one platform of choice on these calls (Facebook, Facebook ads, Instagram, Instagram ads, Twitter, Linkedin, Linkedin ads, Pinterest, or Pinterest ads)
  3. All resources discussed in the virtual training will be provided via email and any follow-up questions will be addressed through email.

One-to-One Training Price: $500/ 2 hour session
Group Rates vary on the group size
Interested? Contact us to set up your FREE 30-minute training consultation.

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iconmonstr-pen-3-240Social Media Strategy Audits

The first step to understanding how to get more from your social media strategy is understanding what is working right now and where you have the potential for improvement. MBMedia offers clients a social media audit to dive deeper into the data and get a holistic understanding of what really is going on when you’re posting to social. Are your clients engaging but not clicking through to your website? Are your clients clicking through but not purchasing? Where are the gaps and opportunities in your current strategy and how do you fill them? Includes:

  1. Complimentary 30-minute introduction call to understand the brand, the brand goals, and the history of the strategy on social.
  2. In-depth dive into the social media platforms of the brand and a comprehensive report on the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for the brand on social including recommended strategies to enact to get more from the time and money the brand is putting into their social media.
  3. A 1-hour virtual meeting presenting the findings and answering questions with the brand.
  4. All materials presented during the meeting will be sent to the client after the meeting.

Social Media Audit Price: $600/channel. Three or more channels: $500/channel
Interested? Contact us to set up your FREE 30-minute consultation for your audit.

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Summary of Services: 

  • Comprehensive social media strategy for your company or your event
  • Implementation and maintenance of strategy
  • Education and consultation on social media tools and their benefits
  • Content writing and editing including blogs, LinkedIn Articles, and more
  • Custom training on social media best practices for your business
  • Speaking and trainings for your company or business group on social media best practices
  • Consultation and/or execution of integrating social media into your event
  • In-depth social media audits with actionable recommendations for strategy improvement and increased ROI

Wondering about a related service? Feel free to contact us and let us know what you need. We’d love to see how we can help!

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