Weekly Digital Trends: March 12

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T-Mobile to Step Up Ad Targeting of Cellphone Customers T-Mobile US Inc. will automatically enroll its phone subscribers in an advertising program unless they choose to opt out. The program will share customers’ web and mobile-app data with advertisers starting April 26. The change will not apply to business accounts and kids’ lines. 

After Building Google’s Advertising Business, This Founder Is Creating An Ad-Free Alternative  Sridhar Ramaswamy, ex-Google executive, created Neeva, an advertisement-free search engine. Neeva is in invite-only alpha-testing for now, but once the search engine is available to the general public, users will pay between $5 and $10 a month to get their search results ad-free. Ramaswamy left Google in 2018 due to his concerns about the company’s obsession with growth that was affecting everything from search quality to consumer privacy.

Apple rejected Parler’s latest attempt to come back to the App Store Parler was denied re-entry to the App Store. Apple reportedly told Parler that the latest iteration of its policies was not “sufficient to comply with App Store Review Guidelines.” In addition to this, Apple stated that Parler’s app is still filled with “highly objectionable content”. The Parler app was excluded from the Apple Store and Google Play Store in January. 


Twitter is Testing a New, Full-Image Display in Tweet Timelines, Support for 4K Images Twitter is testing a new way to display images in users’ timelines: full images shown in tweets as opposed to cropped previews. The test is running on iOs and Android for a select number of users. Users can see a preview of the image on their timelines when composing their tweets. In addition to this, Twitter is also testing ways for users to upload and view 4K images on Android and iOS.

Instagram Launches Revised Instagram Lite App in 170 Regions Facebook announced that the Instagram Lite app will be made available in 170 regions. Instagram Lite enables users in low connectivity regions to utilize most of the features of Instagram. The app requires only 2 MB to download on Android, as opposed to 30 MB for the full-size version of the app and includes all the key features, except by some of the more advanced tools like AR filters. 

Twitter plans to let anyone start hosting Twitter Spaces in April  Twitter already allows all users to join and listen in to Spaces broadcasts. But starting next month, everyone will also be able to create their own audio rooms, according to the latest schedule from Twitter. Twitter plans on creating an appealing option for broadcasters to build an audience among Twitter’s 192 million daily active users

Header Image: Instagram