Weekly Digital Trends: February 26

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What You Need To Know About Dispo, The New Photo App Everyone is Buzzing About  Dispo is an app that acts as a disposable camera and produces retro-looking photos. Users can take a photo, wait for it to “develop”, and receive it at 9 a.m. in local time. Gen Z has embraced the app on social platforms like TikTok and it has become a trend because of its aesthetic. Dispo just released the invite-only version of the app that has a social element, and it quickly hit the 10,000 user limit over the weekend after users in Japan flocked to the app, according to the company. The original version of the app with just the photo-taking capability is still available on the App Store.

Nyan Cat NFT Sells for 300 ETH, Opening Door to the ‘Meme Economy’ Nyan Cat, sold a meme for 300.00 ETH (about $590,000) in an online auction. A  cryptographic hash of the psychedelic image on the Ethereum blockchain was sold, not the .gif file, which is still reproducible and found online. The translation was done via nonfungible tokens (NFTs), a type of digital asset that has taken the crypto scene by storm recently. NFTs, like Bitcoin, is proving scarce and uniquely identifiable. 

Spotify to launch Spotify Audience Network, an audio ad marketplace Spotify announced its plan to expand ad monetization across the platform by launching a new audio advertising marketplace, the Spotify Audience Network. The new marketplace will allow advertisers to reach listeners across Spotify’s own Originals and Exclusives, as well as podcasts via Megaphone and creation tool Anchor, and its ad-supported music, all in one place. Spotify also plans to offer podcasts on its self-serve ad platform, Spotify Ad Studio, starting with Spotify Originals and Exclusives in the U.S.

YouTube Launches New Option Which Enables Parents to Monitor their Child’s Viewing Activity YouTube created a new process that will enable parents to monitor their child’s YouTube activity via a connected experience. Through this new option, parents will be able to choose from three levels of supervision for their childrens’ activity; “Explore” for kids aged 9+ and usually are ready to move on from YouTube Kids and explore content in the main platform.  “Explore More”, for viewers age 13+, will include an even larger set of videos, and also live streams in the same categories as “Explore.” The “Most of Youtube” option will contain almost all videos on YouTube, except for age-restricted content, and it includes sensitive topics that may only be appropriate for older teens.


People Were More Actively Deleting their Past Tweets in 2020, According to New Report According to Tweet Deleter’s figures, tweet deletion activity was up nearly 14% overall in 2020, with the most significant rise coming in June, at the height of the Black Lives Matter protests. That could suggest that users are taking a more cautious approach to what they post, and maybe re-assessing their past missives. The main reason for removing past tweets was “cleaning up my feed for potential employers,” followed by “getting rid of embarrassing tweets.” 

Header Image: Coindesk