Weekly Digital Trends: February 19

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Targeting Big Tech, Maryland becomes the first state to tax digital advertising  Maryland became the first state to impose a digital advertisement tax. By a 29-17 vote, the bill’s enactment marks the beginning of what could be a new law around the country. The new taxation is focused on companies that make more than $100 million per year selling digital advertisements.

Sorry millennials, the crying face emoji isn’t cool anymore  According to Gen Z, the laughing crying emoji is not cool. The skull emoji is more popular among young people. That’s a reference for the slang “I’m dead,” or “I’m dying,” when something is really funny. However, the “face with tears of joy,” the official name for the laughing crying emoji, is currently the most-used emoji on Emojitracker. This website discloses real-time emoji use on Twitter. 

Google makes it easy to pay for transit and parking in Maps and Pay  Google integrated ways to pay parking and transit fares into Google maps. The tool’s launch was a collaboration between Google Maps and Google Pay. For parking, Google partnered with two providers, Passport and Parkmobile. As for transit, users will be able to pay fares to over 80 transit agencies worldwide. 

New emoji in iOS 14.5: Vaccine-ready syringe, AirPods Max, and gender inclusivity Apple’s beta release of iOS 14.5 introduces a preview of new emojis coming in the spring. The new emoji set includes a heart on fire, an exhaling face, and more skin tone variations for people’s emojis, including couples kissing. In addition, Apple has placed a greater emphasis on adding more inclusive and gender-neutral emojis. The update counts 217 new emojis.

Twitter experiments with voice DMs  Twitter is testing voice DM’s in selected countries. Users with access to this feature can tap the DM’s voice icon to record a private message for up to 140 seconds. As of today, Brazil, India, and Japan are the only countries being tested with the new feature.

YouTube Says That its TikTok-Like ‘Shorts’ Feature will be Expanded to US Users Next Month The Shorts’ feature will be available in the U.S market next month, and Youtube expects U.S users to widely embracing it. “Shorts” is available in India and has reached 3.5 billion views worldwide since its launch in December 2020. Although the feature is not available in the U.S, users can still be part of the new trend. Shorts include videos recorded in vertical, no longer than 60 seconds uploaded to Youtube with #shorts included in the description.

Header image: CTV News