Weekly Digital Trends: February 12

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TikTok and Universal Music Group signed a global licensing deal TikTok announced an “expanded” international licensing agreement with Universal Music Group. The new agreement includes recorded music from artists at Universal Music Group labels and songwriters with Universal Music Publishing Group. Additionally, the contract will introduce “exciting new features” that haven’t been revealed yet. TikTok also has agreements with Sonic Music and Warner Music. 

iOS 14.5 beta lets you set Spotify, other music services as default Apple is now working with Spotify to provide different streaming options on their devices. Users who have the iOs 14.5 downloaded to their iPhone have the opportunity to choose which default player with which they want to stream music. The user just needs to ask Siri to play a song, and the virtual assistant will list the streaming services available. Once selected, the chosen streaming service becomes the default stream player.

Reddit aired a 5-second commercial during the Super Bowl, and it was a hit  Reddit pulled off a last-minute ad for Super Bowl to extend the momentum generated weeks ago by GameStop conversations on the platform. The 5-second ad was an excellent integrated marketing strategy. Since the ad was so brief, the audience searched online about what many viewers thought was a glitch on the TV. As of today, the ad was viewed on Twitter 420.9k times, retweeted 3.5k times, and liked 12.9k times. 


Twitter (TWTR) Q4 2020 earnings Twitter reported its fourth-quarter earnings last Tuesday and beat Wall Street’s earnings and revenue expectations. Twitter’s earnings per share increased 38 cents as opposed to the 31 cents forecasted by Refinitiv. The forecasted revenue was 1.19 billion, and Twitter’s revenue reached 1.29 billion in the fourth quarter. As a result, Twitter’s stock was up slightly during after-hours trading on Tuesday. 

5 Social Platforms to Watch in 2021 YPulse’s new social media behavior report gathered data that shows Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook as the most popular social media platforms. However, the number of young consumers online is rising, especially during COVID-19, opening the market to new platforms. Clubhouse, Roblox, Triller, Hive, and Pillowfort are the platforms for brands to watch in 2021. 


Snap wants users to prune friends lists with the ‘Friend Check-Up’ feature Snapchat is working on a new feature to allow users to “check-up” their friends on the platform. The feature will prompt a list of snap friends, and users can choose who they want to keep on their list or not. That’s one more measure of health and safety that Snapchat has put effort into in the last months. The feature will be available for Android in the next two weeks, though iOs users will have to wait a couple of months. 

Tiktok throws down a challenge to Facebook Inc with US e-commerce plans Investors announced that new TikTok tools are planned for 2021. One of the tools is e-commerce expansion. The most popular users will be able to sell products on the platform and monetize a percentage of the sales as commission. Another planned feature will allow users to live-stream shopping as well as have online catalogs.

Header image: Reddit