Weekly Digital Trends: January 29

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Facebook CEO Zuckerberg: Apple is one of our biggest competitors Mark Zuckerberg stated, in the opening of the Facebook fourth-quarter earnings call, that Apple is turning into one of Facebook’s competitors. The statement is based on Apple’s upcoming privacy changes. Apple will allow its users to decide whether they want to share their information with apps or not. Facebook believes that Apple’s action is for the company’s own benefit, and that small business will be significantly hurt due to these changes in online advertisement. 

Twitter acquires newsletter platform Revue Twitter announced its acquisition of Revue, a platform that allows users to publish and monetize email newsletters. Although Revue is not as popular as Substack, the company has important publishers like Vox Media and Markup as customers. Twitter believes that Revue will help writers and bloggers to expand their businesses and create a closer relationship with their followers. 

Twitter Embraces Imperfection With Its Fresh New Look Twitter updated its branding and its Brand Team has shared some tidbits with the Twitter community. The last time Twitter changed its branding was 5 years ago. Leslie Berland, Twitter CMO, shared on her profile that Twitter’s team couldn’t see what Twitter represents nowadays through their branding. The new branding design focused on the beauty and complexity of Twitter’s conversations, translated into an imperfect design. 


Social Media Ad and Video Spending Skyrocketed in Q4 2020  Socialbakers released the fourth-quarter report on Social Media Trends. The report announced the rise of digital spending worldwide. During the 2020 Holidays, global digital advertisement was at its peak, up 50.3% compared to the same period in the prior year. North America reached a 92.3% year-over-year spike in social media ad spending with video as the primary choice for ads. 


Twitter’s Birdwatch fights misinformation with community notes Twitter launched the Birdwatch project to stop misleading tweets. Twitter started the Birdwatch project last fall as a measure to fight misinformation about COVID-19 on the platform. Now, Twitter started a pilot version via the Birdwatch website. Users can flag tweets and write notes to add context to the issue encountered in the tweet. As of today, the Birdwatch feature is only available via a third-party website, however, Twitter explained that the company is working to integrate it on Twitter’s platform. 

Instagram Launches New Professional Dashboard, Helping Creators Make a Living Instagram announced its new Professional Dashboard for creators and small businesses to improve their content within the platform. Instagram integrated all resources available for creators and business accounts in one place to guide and simplify users’ experience. According to Instagram, the new dashboard is “a central destination to track performance, access and discover professional tools, and explore educational information curated by Instagram.”

Header image: Leslie Berland Twitter account