Weekly Digital Trends: January 15th

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Trump permanently suspended from Twitter after Capitol siege The decision was made after a close review of President Donald Trump’s recent tweets and analysis of the context around them – the riot at the Capitol. According to Twitter, the President’s posts on the platform were inciting violence, which goes against Twitter’s policy. Previously, President Donald Trump’s account was locked for 12 hours due to election fraud claims and for expressing praise and sympathy for those who invaded the Capitol. 

TikTok Announces New Policy Updates to Better Protect Young Users TikTok updated its policy as part of its ongoing effort to implement better systems to protect younger users. The most significant update is for users between 13-15 years old that will have their accounts set as “private” by default, with the option to switch to “public.” TikTok wants to “enable them (users) to make more deliberate decisions about their online privacy.” 

TikTok Launches ‘Black Creatives’ Program to Foster New Talent  TikTok launched a new program to better support the Black community. “Black Creatives” is a program to invest and support emerging Black creators and music artists on TikTok. For over three months, 100 TikTok users will attend talks to Black entrepreneurs and celebrities, participate in community-building forums, and receive platform-specific training and insights from TikTok executives.

Google completes purchase of Fitbit The acquisition process started last November, and the leading cause of its delay was data concerns. Regulators worldwide investigated the deal, and after many conditions, Google and Fitbit were allowed to close the deal. Among the requirements, Google cannot use GPS and health data as a tool for targeting ads. 

LinkedIn Launches ‘LinkedIn Marketing Labs’ to Provide Education on the Platform’s Ad Tools LinkedIn created a new education platform to help marketers employ efficient LinkedIn ads and discover tactics that deliver better results. The courses are curated by in-house experts who have studied LinkedIn advertising’s best practices. The classes are 45-minute long and free of charge.

Header Image: News Today