Weekly Digital Trends: January 8th

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Twitter, taking a harder line, locks President Trump’s account. Facebook does the same.  President Donald Trump had his Twitter account locked for violating a Twitter policy that forbids the platform use “for the purpose of manipulating or interfering in elections or other civic processes.” The President had tweeted 3 claims of election fraud and expressed praise and sympathy for those who invaded the Capitol. Later, Facebook blocked President Donald Trump Page for 24 hours, as a consequence of violating 2 policies on the platform. 

Twitch bans the PogChamp emote as the face of ‘further violence’  The PogChamp emote was banned after Gutierrez, the face of PogChamp used it to incite violence regarding the riots in the Capitol. Gutierrez, a famous Street Fight player, published tweets demanding “civil unrest” following the death of a woman in the Capitol earlier this week. Twitch will work with the community to create a new emote. 


Facebook Launches Updated Page Layout for Public Figures Which De-Emphasizes Page Likes Facebook took away the ”Like” button from Facebook Pages, emphasizing the 

“Follow” button instead. The Facebook Algorithm had changed the “Like” button relationship with Page’s popularity and content reach in 2018. The “Like” Button became a minor aspect within the Algorithm structure. Meanwhile, the Follow Button turned into a determinant factor to deliver Pages’ Content. For this reason, many Pages had decreased their content engagement. Now, the Follow Button is displayed on the Page and in front of the Public Figure name’s comment on a post. 

WhatsApp Updates Privacy Policy, Paving the Way for the Integration of Facebook’s Messaging Apps WhatsApp’s users have seen an in-app prompt alerting them to the Privacy Policy update with a deadline of February 8th before the new terms take place. The Update relates to Facebook sharing users’ information across Facebook Apps including phone numbers, transaction data, and how users interact with others. The Policy Update is part of the Facebook Messenger integration between Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. 

Instagram Tests New Stories Layout on Desktop  Instagram Stories for the big screen format will offer the possibility to flip between Stories making it easier for users to access the Stories library. The new Stories format will look like a carousel, featuring the Stories that users are currently viewing in the screen center. Instagram Stories overtook Instagram Newsfeed in popularity, and the platform noticed an increase in Stories engagement. 

Header Image: News Today