Weekly Digital Trends: December 11th

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TikTok was the Most Downloaded App in 2020, According to New Data from App Annie According to App Annie’s tracking data, TikTok was the most downloaded App of 2020. The App Annie team looks at comparative year-on-year performance for apps on iOs and Android. TikTok beat Facebook, WhatsApp, and Zoom regarding total download, and was in second place behind the Tinder App regarding time spent by consumers on the apps.

Google will limit ads about gambling and alcohol Google’s new advertising settings will enable users to see fewer Alcohol and Gambling ads on the Youtube Platform.  The update will be available in the U.S first, with Google rolling out the feature to other markets in 2021. Google already has policies regarding alcohol and gambling ads based on local state laws. However, the new feature will be an option for those who have no interest in seeing these types of ads. 

Twitter opens tweets to Snapchat and Instagram Twitter’s new sharing tools will allow users to share tweets directly on Snapchat and Instagram. Once shared, posts will have a built-in link in Snapchat and Instagram stories allowing viewers to tap and see the original tweet on Twitter. As of today,  Twitter’s sharing options only include Snapchat. Twitter will test the same feature for Instagram Stories in the following days. 


TikTok is experimenting with longer-form, three-minute videos | Engadget 

TikTok is offering the option for some users to upload videos as long as 3 minutes. The testing started a few weeks ago. Some TikTok users who noticed the change shared their findings on Twitter. Since the testing is in its early stages, it does not have a public time frame for the 3-minute video feature to be available to more users. 

Instagram Adds Shopping Tags to Reels, the Next Step in its eCommerce Push | Social Media Today The shopping tag enables creators to add product listings to their Reels. Viewers will have the option to tap on “View Product” to see the listed product and make a purchase. The update is an extra opportunity for creators to monetize in the app and an e-commerce expansion within the platform. 

WhatsApp Adds New Chat Backgrounds, Including Dark Mode Specific Designs | Social Media Today WhatsApp just rolled out an update to its background options. The App now offers a  range of different wallpapers that users can choose to have in their chats. The default background has new versions, including dark options for those inclined to black tones. Users can also customize their background and choose a different wallpaper for every chat.