Weekly Digital Trends: December 4th


 Google Maps now shows how crowded your train or bus is in real-time The new feature is one of the 250 features created in response to Covid-19. Google Maps users will be able to check how crowded public transportation is before getting in it. Google will use other google maps users’ phone location to measure and estimate people’s volume inside the buses and trains. 

‘Volvo’ Instagram Lawsuit Exposes Social Media Copyright Nuances A photographer, and his model accused Volvo of copyright violation, unfair competition, false endorsement, and misappropriation of the model’s likeness. The lawsuit is due to Volvo’s shared Instagram Stories with the model’s photographs and his car. Volvo claims that by posting a photo publicly and tagging the brand, the license was implied. 

YouTube Will Start Inserting Ads into Non-Monetized Content, Updates Rules Around Facial Recognition YouTube announces that will enable ads to be inserted in content that is not part of the YouTube Partner Program. This measure means that a content creator who decides not to have ads on their videos will have it anyway, although they will not earn the profit. YouTube explains that content creators who want to sign up for the program can still register and receive the ads’ earnings. 

Google illegally spied on workers before firing them, US labor board alleges – The Verge The tech company was spying on employees and fired two of them who were organizing a protest against Google’s decision to partner with IRI. IRI is a well-known company for anti-union efforts. The firing reason was that employees had created a pop-up for Google employees visiting the IRI website with the following message “Googlers have the right to participate in protected concerted activities”. 


Twitter launches its own version of Stories, calls it Fleets Twitter started testing Fleets in March 2020 in several countries, including Brazil, Italy, India, and South Korea. Fleets follows the same idea as Snapchat and Instagram Stories; the content disappears after 24 hours. During the test phase, Twitter noticed that users were more comfortable to express themselves via Fleets due to the short duration of the content being live. Twitter’s purpose for Fleets is to enable users to share more casual daily thoughts as opposed to the deep and structured tweets on the timeline. 

Here’s the deal with those Instagram DM updates you might have gotten In September of this year, Facebook announced the integration of its platforms to facilitate communication among its users. Now, Messenger is the new Direct Message provider for Instagram. The airplane icon was alternated with the one from Messenger. Instagram users can message Facebook users even if one of them does not have an Instagram account. However, Instagram allows users to decide if they want the change or not, at least for now. 

Snapchat now lets you compare in-depth astrology readings with friends Snapchat created the new tool from the ground up, and the engineers involved in the project got deep into astrology to make the final product. Now, users can type their date, time, and location of birth to obtain a detailed analysis of their astrological profile. The tool is social as well, and users can check their compatibility with their friends. Snapchat purpose for this tool is to promote conversation about more meaningful topics, such as love, friendship, fears, and goals. 

Instagram Adds ‘Giving Tuesday’ Features to Highlight How People Can Assist Nonprofits and SMBs | Social Media Today The platform inserted a new sticker, donation sticker. And will highlight Instagram Stories that publicly posted Story frames. This update is to spread awareness of Giving Tuesday. Users can see a Giving Tuesday story at the beginning of their stories feed, on the top of their screen.