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Twitter Updates Tweet Creation Process in Ads Manager

Twitter updated its Twitter Compose Element with the Ads Campaign back end, finally. Now, advertisers can see their Prompt Twitter before launching the campaign. The update enables users to see previews of the campaign on desktop and mobile versions. Twitter focused on bringing better experiences for advertisers within the platform. The updates provide more room for users to work with their ads and more manageable steps to build campaigns with Ads Manager.

Pinterest commits to amplifying underrepresented creators and businesses 

Pinterest’s goal is to inspire all users, and the platform believes that users need to relate to creators and be represented by them. Pinterest will ensure that 50% of managed creators come from underrepresented groups. The platform is adding a new Community Information tab on business profiles. The tab allows creators to self-identify whether they are part of underrepresented groups or not. 


Snap stock soars 37% after earnings blowout, adding $15 billion to the Snapchat owner’s market value  Engagement on Snapchat during the pandemic exponentially increased. Daily users’ activity during Q3 grew 18% globally, 10% in North America, and 40% in the rest of the world. Adding 11 million more daily activities and 249 million overall in Q3. When it comes to revenue, Snapchat grew 52% year over year to 679 million in Q3. After the platform showcased this increase, Snapchat shares increased 20% in after-hours trading.


Chipotle taking annual Boorito promotion entirely online this Halloween

Chipotle annual Halloween promotion will be entirely online this year to adapt to COVID-19. The restaurant chain will give away 500,000 BOGO entrée codes as part of a marketing campaign that integrates Chipotle social media accounts and text messages. To win, customers need to follow Chipotle on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter and find the keyword to text message to Chipotle. Coupons will be given from October 29 to October 31 and customers can only redeem on Halloween day.


Facebook Rolls Out Easier Access to Chronological News Feed and Other Feed Sorting Options

Facebook’s focus is to give the user control over their feed. The rollout provides 3 options to choose from how users desire to see their feed. The first option is the default home feed, with the most relevant posts ranking on the user’s page, based on the Facebook algorithm. The second one is “Favorites,” which allows users to choose up to 30 profiles that they care most about to be shown in their feed. The last option is “Recent,” where users can see posts in a reverse-chronological timeline and keep updated about what is happening in real-time.

Facebook Building Neighborhood Feature as Nextdoor Eyes IPO  Facebook noticed a huge increase in searches for local community Facebook Groups during the pandemic. This change in user behavior led Facebook to create a new feature aiming to connect Facebook users who live in the same neighborhood. “Neighborhoods” is a separate profile from the main Facebook account and allows users to add a description about themselves, share their interests and favorite places to go around the community. In addition, the platform has a space for neighbors to share recommendations about local businesses. The platform is currently being tested in Calgary, Canada.

Header Image: Pinterest