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Zoom is getting into ticketed online events Zoom launched a beta version called OnZoom for paid members. This tool allows members to host and monetize their events. OnZoom is a type of search engine for paid events, and users will find diverse activities such as webinars, workshops, yoga classes, and other happenings. Although Zoom will host all events, the registration and payment will occur on the OnZoom platform via Credit Card or PayPal account. 

The Me Too movement just launched its next chapter The movement “Me too” launched a new online platform, “me too. act too”. The platform will provide tools to act against sexual violence through curated events, learning opportunities, and general information. The founder aims to join awareness with action to generate a real change in the world. Among the platform’s activities are volunteer opportunities to advocate and support survivors, workshops, and fundraisers. 

Facebook & Instagram Drop Support For WordPress Embeds Starting on October 24,Facebook and Instagram will stop supporting embedded content on WordPress. The action is due to an upcoming API update that will decline support for unauthenticated Facebook and Instagram embeds. Publishers without a Facebook developer account and a registered Facebook app will be dramatically affected. To fix it, users can add plugins such as oEmbed Plus and Smash Balloon Plugins to their WordPress account. 


Snapchat Adds ‘Sounds’ Option to Include Song Clips within Snaps Australia and New Zealand markets tested the new feature for 2 months, and now, Snapchat released the “Song Add-on” option worldwide. Users are now able to add a song before or after recording a clip. However, the new functionality is only available for iOS devices. To celebrate the launch, Snapchat is premiering an exclusive clip of Justin Bieber’s new song. 

Google Reportedly Turning YouTube Into a Shopping Site Google is in an early stage of the creative process to allow users to buy products directly on YouTube. The platform is already working with creators to track all disclosed products on videos. The idea is to create an area within the platform where viewers can acquire the product right after watching a video, avoiding the extra step of looking it up online. 

Twitter Updates Privacy and Safety Settings to Help Users Better Understand Their Options  A global privacy study conducted by the Twitter Research team developed an Updated Privacy and Safety settings. The menu now includes a better description of each setting, allowing users to understand the purpose and functionality. In addition, Twitter created a video series to highlight how each element performs. 

Header Image: Me Too. Movement