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Facebook bans QAnon across its platforms The action is an update on August’s policy, which removed only accounts related to QAnon conspiracy theory that discussed violence. The updated policy started on Tuesday for Facebook and Instagram. Since then, 1,500 pages, groups, and profiles across Facebook and Instagram were terminated. In the first version of the policy, users reported the content to Facebook, now, with new action in place, the Dangerous Organizations Operations team will actively detect inappropriate content for removal. 

G Suite is now Google Workspace in a bid to merge Gmail, Chat, and Docs Google announced a significant rebranding and redesigning for its G Suite into Google Workspace. In addition to the rebranding for Gmail, Meets, Calendar, Docs, and Sheet, Google also created new features to integrate all products. A window Chat pop up within a new document for everyone involved in the conversation without opening a new tab is one of its new features. Google is forecasting new users joining the services due to integrating products, saving steps, and optimizing time. There is also a prices change associated with the new features. 

Facebook Launches ‘Season of Support’ to Assist SMBs, Including New #BuyBlackFriday Push Facebook announced the “Season of Support” action to boost small business sales during the holiday season. The high-tech company will offer free resources, training, and education to aid small businesses in the last quarter of the year. In addition, Facebook will continue to focus on black-owned businesses with a new campaign for black Friday in the U.S Market, “#BuyBlackFriday.” The measure is in response to reports showing that the pandemic outbreak has disproportionately impacted small business and black-owned business.


Twitter Tests Making ‘Quote Tweet’ the Default Retweeting Option The new default “quote retweet” is a measure to engage users with the content they are sharing. In June, Twitter tested a pop-up question asking users if they would like to open the link before sharing it. The pop-up experience turned out to have a good outcome. Users often opened 40% more links than before the experiment. Now, Twitter wants to go one step further and have users engaging in ideas and debates. Users’ perspective, as opposed to binary retweets, is the goal. However, “quote retweet” is only a default, which means users can also change it and retweet without sharing their own thoughts.  

Instagram Adds New Audio Features for Reels, Including Option to Save Sounds for Your Clips Instagram launched another set of updates for Reels focused this time on audio. The platform hopes to increase user experience and engagement in music-related trends. Users can now save sounds in-app and use it on their Reels, share content using a specific piece of audio via D.M., and search for audio and music, and Reels clip using them. Although Reels is a new feature in the U.S  Instagram market, this is the second update on the future since launched in August. 

Twitter’s ‘Birdwatch’ is an experiment in fighting misinformation Twitter has been more actively fighting against misinformation within the platform recently. Part of this new initiative was creating the Birdwatch tool. The tool is self-explanatory; users will act as a watchers for misinformation. Although it is still in the test phase, some users are curious about the next steps. If implemented, Twitter will add an icon at the bottom of the tweet that looks like a pair of binoculars. Users will be able to flag the tweet for moderation and will have the option to add notes explaining the reason for flagging the tweet. The notes can be private or public. 

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