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Facebook Announces Integration of Messenger and Instagram Direct, Adds New Messaging Features One in four people say they cannot remember in which app they left the conversation. To solve the issue, Facebook will integrate Messenger and Instagram DM in the first stage, with plans to have WhatsApp in the group next. Users will be able to cross messages from Instagram and Messenger. It’s not necessary to have an account on both platforms to communicate through the new integrated software. All social media features will be available for both recipients regardless of which platform the user is chatting from. 

New Instagram Resources For Small Businesses Instagram launched a mini-site with resources for small businesses looking to sell through their profile this holiday season. The mini-site helps small businesses to understand better how Instagram Shops works and how to set the functionality. Users can find guidelines about collections and shopping ads. 

Facebook Ads to Remove 28-Day Attribution Mode Starting on October 12, Facebook Ads removes its 28-day attribution option and reverts to a 7-day attribution option as the default setting. Although Facebook does not state it outright, the action is likely in response to Chrome’s intention to eliminate third-party cookies in the next two years. The platform recommends advertisers download any vital data linked to the 28-day attribution model before the changes take place. 


TikTok Adds More Duet Formats to Facilitate New Collaboration Opportunities TikTok announced three new Duet options, including new layouts to apply to clip and new creative options to utilize. Duets is a functionality that allows users to interact with other users’ clips. The feature is a  key element for TikTok and very popular among its audience. Now, TikTokers will split their screen into 3 parts, permitting more users to be involved in the same clip. 

Twitter Expands Access to Voice Tweets, Re-Affirms Plans for Auto-Captions of Voice Messages Since Twitter released the “audio-tweets” in June, the company has focused on improving its platform to be more accessible to a wider range of audiences. Now, the high tech company just announced that more iOS users have access to audio-tweets. Besides that, audio and video transcripts are available to all the users. The new features have been an accessibility team effort. Twitter is also testing the audio message in DMs in Brazil. 

Facebook Announces New Publisher Partnerships to Bring More Content to Messenger’s ‘Watch Together’ Feature  Facebook created a feature to enable people to gather during social distancing. Now, users can meet on Messenger and watch videos together as part of their “Watch Together” feature. The new feature enables up to 50 attendees in the same room at the same time. Participants only need to choose the content to be transmitted from a list of Facebook’s catalog, and it will be shared with all of the others. The platform has added a lot of new content to its listing and established new deals with distribution giants such as Lionsgate, Sony Picture Entertainment, and Warner Bros. This feature expands on “Watch Parties” which were previously limited to content uploaded to Facebook.