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US will ban WeChat and TikTok downloads on Sunday Users will be able to keep using the TikTok App, however, updated versions of the software will not be available for download. Also, if new prospects want to join the TikTok community, the app will not be available for download on app stores starting on Sunday. While TikTok usage is not prohibited (yet), WeChat will be totally banned in the U.S market. Any host or transfer of internet traffic related to WeChat will be illegal starting on Sunday. The same measure will be valid for TikTok on November 12th, in case the deal between Oracle and Bytedance is not completed by them. 

Pinterest Highlights the Power of Positivity, While Criticizing Engagement-Baiting Approaches, in New Guide Pinterest released a new guide, and according to the platform, people are looking for positivity when it comes to sticking with a brand. While a company can generate engagement by being divisive, it does not generate qualified leads, which does not change its bottom line. 60% of the people surveyed affirmed being tired of fights and looking for an escape from the online negativity. 

Twitter Launches ‘Holiday Hub’ to Help Marketers Prepare for the Holiday Season This year’s holidays are looking a little different due to COVID-19. Twitter just released a Holiday Hub website to help business owners through this challenging season. Users will find guides and case studies, Twitter’s ad tools, and insights on holiday usage, to name just some of the resources now available. The platform also plans to update the hub with new content over time.

Pinterest Releases New Data on Key Trends Heading into the Last Quarter of 2020 The start of September is seen as a “second new year” by many people around the world due to the start of the school year as well as the celebration of Rosh Hashanah. It’s a time when people reset their life, goals, and wishes for the future.  Pinterest uses this time to add more value to its users by gathering and publishing a new list of key trends within the platform. Due to COVID-19 and a significant change in people’s lives, Pinterest saw a new trend: people are searching more frequently for information on mental and physical health, calming places, and mindful eating. 


Facebook Announces New Rules for Groups to Address Concerns with Misinformation and Hate Speech For those who violate the Community Standards policies for Facebook groups, the platform took new measures this week. Groups related to militias and anarchist organizations will be removed from recommendations and restricted in search, as well as have their content reduced in News Feed. Admins and moderators will be denied access to create another group when the user is involved with content that violates the Community Standards policies. More than 1.4 million people engage in groups every month, and over 400 million people are part of groups that users interact with every day. 

Facebook Launches ‘Facebook Business Suite’, an All-in-One Management Tool for Facebook and Instagram The Facebook Business Suite is a management platform developed by Facebook and is focused on small businesses. The tool allows business owners to manage their Facebook and Instagram presence from one single platform. Business Suite enables users to save time by posting content on both platforms simultaneously. All messages, comments, likes, and insights are also visible in one place. Facebook is also working on integrating WhatsApp into the platform.  

YouTube Offers New Ad Tools To Help Marketers Tap Into the Rise in YouTube Viewership As YouTube viewers’ watch time rises to 80% on TV screens, the platform created a new Ad tool to help marketers run TV-like promotions at a fraction of the cost of traditional broadcast. YouTube Ads now include advanced data insights and new category targeting. YouTube learning machines enable the creation of dynamic lineups, which allow a more specific targeting. 

Improve LinkedIn Retargeting Success with These Helpful Resources LinkedIn Ad tools offer several retargeting options aiming to help users to track visitors’ activity and connect with them on a professional network.  92% of first-time website visitors do not make a purchase, and for this reason, the retargeting tool is a vital strategy in optimization, and to maximize ad spend to B2B marketers.