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Facebook will pay you to deactivate your account before the 2020 election Facebook joined an independent third-party company to execute a study about elections. The tech-company is paying users to deactivate their accounts a month before elections to analyze how social media can influence elections. Facebook considers paying up to $20 per week to have participants.

TikTok Leads Social App Downloads Again in August  All the polemics surrounding TikTok worked in its favor. TikTok was the most downloaded non-gaming app in the World in August. 63.3 million new users, which represents a 1.6% increase from August 2019. As of today, TikTok has 689 million monthly active users worldwide.

 The Social Dilemma: Netflix’s new social media documentary, explained Netflix releases its new documentary this week and promises to change how people interact with social media. “The Social Dilemma” discloses how technology giants have influenced social behavior and which strategies they adopt to manipulate people. The documentary displays interviews with many former top management from the biggest tech companies.


Instagram Tests Variations of New Reels and Shop Tabs on the Bottom Navigation Bar  Instagram is testing new home screen layouts to adapt to the user’s experience. The changes are based on the shift of behaviors within the app. The social media has 3 versions for their home screen in test right now, and the buttons “create,” “shop,” and “Reels” are the ones moving around the screen. While Instagram wants to adapt to new trends, the company also aims to keep a user-friendly app. 

In a startup reprise, Courtne Smith launches NewNew, a social network based on shared content NewNew is a social network based on shared content. The new social media proposal is to “combine” TikTok and Facebook in one place. Users will create networks based on memes, videos, and images they share. However, NewNew has a different approach than its competitors; social media will not focus on content creators, but instead focus on sharing the content others have created. The startup’s target is passive followers who amplify content creators. 

Breaking: Facebook to Impose Limits on Number of Ads Facebook decided to limit the number of ads that run at the same time due to its lack of efficiency. The platform disclosed that 4 in 10 ads never exit the learning phase, which generates less return to investment for advertisers. The new measure will be placed in February 2021 and continue throughout the Summer. Facebook will divide accounts into 4 categories based on its size and spend within the past year. 

Google Unveils Fundo for Monetizing Video Events Google creates Fundo, an online service for small businesses and creators to monetize their events. The platform will allow 3 types of events: Chat + photo, Meets and Greets, and Workshops. Each event has a limited number of tickets, and only invited people can take part in it. All events occur on the website, and Google has no plans to create an app for it.