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Walmart joins Microsoft bid for TikTok as CEO of social media app quits Walmart partnered with Microsoft in an attempt to purchase TikTok as a strategy to increase its virtual customer and physical sales. The retailer company disclosed the partnership with Microsoft hours after Kevin Mayer resigned from the TikTok CEO position. Walmart believes that the app’s ability to integrate e-commerce and advertising will be a game-changer on its market. 

Facebook Warns of Major Impacts to Audience Network Effectiveness Due to iOS 14 Update  The IOS 14 update will come with a new action towards transparency and personal data control. Apple’s users already have the option to opt-out of data tracking. However, the feature is hidden on mobile devices and many users are not aware of it. Now, the update will pop up a message on users’ devices requesting their allowance about tracking their data. Facebook has warned users of Audience Network about the change and its consequences. Although it is difficult to estimate the impact for publishers and advertisers, during a test, more than 50% decreased in revenue Facebook Audience Network occurred. 

Google Rolls Out AdSense Reporting Update with Improved UX and Mobile Support Google just launched a new version of the AdSense dashboard aiming to access, visualize, and a better mobile experience. The latest version took away Youtube, and AdMob reports to generate more accurate data-backed to advertisers’ strategies. Yet, the update is not available for all accounts, and Google is rolling out the update in stages; by the end of September it will be fully accessible, and the old format will be out of service.  


LinkedIn Announces Tougher Measures Against Inappropriate Content on its Platform Linkedin believes that it is  crucial to set a higher bar for safe conversations and acts to keep the platform a trusted environment for its users. Some new measures took place to avoid negative interactions such as stronger and clear policies, new AI models to detect fake accounts and Fairness Tool Kit. LinkedIn was aware of the hateful, inflammatory, and harassing content within the platform and had created initiatives previously to stop this behavior. These new measures are part of its commitment to creating an economic opportunity for every member. 

TikTok Shares Total Number of US Users For the First Time TikTok has 100 million active users in the U.S market and 50 million access per day.  The app is only behind Facebook when it comes to usage per day,  as the Mark Zuckerberg company scores 2.7 million monthly global activities, and the ByteDance app reaches 700 million Mundial access. However, TikTok grew 800% since January 2014, and the company has the potential to match the number of activities if it keeps growing exponentially. 

Why Users Call New Facebook Design a Nightmare Facebook rolled out a new design to its desktop version, and users are not happy about it. The platform became non-user friendly due to the high level of new information. Users threatened to quit their accounts and  addressed the social media experience as confusing, nonfunctional, and gigantic low-resolution phone 

Twitter cracks down on spammy ‘copypasta’ tweets On Twitter’s Communication account, a tweet warns users about the increase of accounts copying and pasting the same phrase, leading the company to limit the visibility of copypasta tweets. “Copypasta” is a term that started with viral online messages; however, it developed into plagiarism, spam accounts, and malicious campaigns. As an attempt to stop the harmful practice, Twitter will hide tweets that fit the warning note, and plan to disclose how many times the message has been tweeted