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Netflix Is Testing a Shuffle Play Feature  Netflix found a need in the market, and the Streaming company is testing a new feature. The “Shuffle” bottom aims to help users to have a better experience in the platform. The new option will randomly choose a movie or a show for indecisive users or to the ones who wish to explore the catalog. The plan is to keep the feature as part of the platform after the tests. 

Oracle Emerges as Another Potential Buyer for TikTok Oracle is the new potential TikTok buyer. The company has joined several investment firms to make an offer to acquire the app in the U.S market along with Canada, Australia, and New Zealand market. Oracle and Microsoft are the companies that are far ahead in the negotiations compared to any other buyer that has demonstrated interest in the platform acquisition.

Spotify was briefly down in the US this morning This past Wednesday, Spotify was out of service in the U.S, and users were not happy about it. The music platform was down for 2 hours, and the company posted on their twitter about it, letting users know they were aware of the issue. While some users had no service at all, others affirmed that their accounts were not affected. The cause was an expired certification that interrupted the streaming to users. 


Grubhub Has Launched a Campaign to End Food Delivery Fee Caps Grubhub is launching targeted digital ads in New York City to warn users about cap commissions. The cap commissions limit the fees that deliverers can charge restaurants, generating higher takeout costs to consumers. The add refers to the commissions as “ food delivery taxes” and informs consumers that the cap will affect restaurant owners and food workers losing business. 


TikTok Launches New Information Center to Counter Inaccurate Rumors About the App TikTok creates an Information Center to avoid miscommunications. The new information hub will aggregate all news about the app, especially about its undetermined future in the U.S market. TikTok affirmed that transparency is their core, and the information center is another step they are taking to keep the truth among its community. The new option in the platform also contains “Expert opinions” and FAQ section.

Facebook Announces ‘Shops’ for Facebook and Instagram Facebook launched “Shops” on Instagram and Facebook platforms. “Shops” is a new feature that allows businesses to sell products directly from their profiles. Facebook has planned to get involved with e-commerce for a while, and the Covid-19 rushed things a little bit up. The service is free for business, and the access to “Shops” will be limited in this beginning. However, Facebook plans to expand its use in the next couple of months. Businesses pages will receive via email about their Shops being ready for customization. 

TikTok Collaborates with Amazon to Enable TikTok Controls via Alexa Voice Activation Amazon permits its virtual assistant Alexa to open the TikTok app and help users around it. The new Alexa skill allows the user to activate several TikTok functions by voice command.  Users only need to say “Alexa, open TikTok!” and explore its options. Amazon collaboration is another action that TikTok takes towards its app accessibility. 

Facebook Adds New Paid Events Options for Businesses and Creators Facebook launched a new Paid Events feature for business. The new feature targets to combine marketing, payment, and live video in one place. The new Facebook option is available in 20 countries, and users still have the unpaid Live option available among all locations. Transactions via web or Android, in countries with Facebook Pay available, permit 100% of the profit to be delivered to business owners, however, transactions realized via IOS, 30% of its profit would be left to Apple.