Weekly Digital Trends: August 14

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Twitter rumored interest in buying TikTok sparks stocks rally  
After Talks to TikTok became public, Twitter stocks increased 5%. Despite its small size – Twitter’s value is around 30 billion dollars –  the tech company is interested to purchase TikTok in the U.S market,  unlike Microsoft which is interested in buying TIKTOK on Canada, New Zealand and Australia markets. The ByteDance app estimated value is tens of billions of dollars.

Google may lose market share when this change rolls out  
Android changes may lead Google to lose market share on mobile. The new feature will allow users to select their preferred default search engine, and the study finds that even loyal Google users will check out other options for search engines. As of today, Google’s mobile market share is 95% in the U.S., 98% in the U.K., and 98% in Australia. After changes, researches estimate that market share will drop by 20%, 22%, and 16%, respectively. 


Twitter gives everyone the power to limit tweets reply  
Twitter will release a new setting option that allows users to decide who can reply to their tweets.  The new feature will be available for all users on Twitter without group restrictions. Now Twitter offers 3 options for its users when it comes to tweet reply. The first one allows anyone, who is not blocked, to reply, the second one can be replied only by the user’s followers, and the third one – that will be launched soon – only users chosen by the owner’s account are able to reply.  

A scammer told us he cashed in selling millions of fake views for Instagram Reels just hours after it launched
Instagram Reels were launched last Wednesday in the U.S, and scammers are already profiting with fake views. The tech-company has no “protection” against view botting on Reels, which enables this practice. Several websites offer 100 likes on Reels for 75 cents and over 500,000 Instagram accounts boost their social media via unauthentic activity.

Twitter is considering these premium features in a subscription model
Twitter plans to launch a premium subscription! The tech company started surveying users to learn about essential features to have on a paid account. The potential features are undoing send, custom colors, longer videos post, badges, brands survey, to name some. Ads are in the list of actions as well, twitter surveys, whether users would be willing to pay to have fewer ads around the platform.

WhatsApp now lets you fact-check forwarded checks
Whatsapp released a new feature allowing users to fact-check forwarded information. The feature is currently available in Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, UK, and the U.S., on Android, iOS, and WhatsApp Web.Users will see magnifying glasses alerting them to check the information. Last year WhatsApp limited forward option to 5 chats over 256 previously. The tech-company has undertaken measures to stop the proliferation of fake news. 

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