Weekly Digital Trends: July 31

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Snapchat Publishes New Study into Evolving Video Consumption Behaviors
Snapchat’s “20/20 Vision for Mobile Video” study has revealed key data on the evolution of video streaming online. Insights reveal that  Gen Z and millennials stream significantly more than other users. Daily engagement via video is continuously  growing, with 73% more consumers watching videos online than in 2019. Snapchat also identifies the current era of video watching behaviors as the rise of “premium mobile video” shifting from the early 2010’s era of “user-generated content.”

Facebook reports 11% revenue growth even amid pandemic slowdown
Facebook has faced the slowest revenue growth since 2012 but still performed better than analyst assumptions. Within the US and Canada, active users grew to 198 million, 3 million more than the previous quarter. Worldwide, FB users has grown 12%. Facebook determines the growth of users is a result from the stay-at-home orders due to COVID-19 and advertising revenue within it’s platform. 


Popeyes targets pizza in new social media campaign
Popeyes has launched a new campaign, “Popeyes instead of pizza”, via social media in efforts to lure people away from pizza and towards their chicken. The chicken chain is encouraging their customers to take a friend or family members phone and autocorrect the word “pizza” with “Popeyes instead of pizza.” Then if they screenshot the autocorrect change and post it on social media with the hashtag #LoveThatAutoCorrect, they will receive a $5 discount on their next Popeyes meal. 


TikTok Launches ‘Creator Fund’ to Pay Platform Influencer for Their Efforts
TikTok has is investing $200 million for ‘Creator Fund’ to pay important creators for their TikTok videos within their platform. An important component of this launch is to continuously monetize short videos which can be difficult as seen from Vine’s collapse. Also, this will drive users to create more content which will lead to engagement, which in turn, will increase TikTok’s growth.

New YouTube Metric Shows Creators How Much Money They’re Earning
YouTube creators can now track how much money they are earning via their content on the platform. A new metric has been added in to the channel analytics section in efforts to give creators a reliable way to monitor their finances that stream from YT. The new metric is shown in RPM (revenue per mille) which is how much is earned per 1,000 views. If creators regularly review their RPM, they can understand and identify new strategies to enhance their income. 

Facebook Enables 50-Person Live Streams With Messenger Rooms
Facebook users can now livestream with up to 50 people within Messenger Rooms. During COVID-19, there has been an increase in users utilizing FB Live, double the usage compared to last year. Now with the integration of both FB Live and Messenger, people can interact through a messenger room and showcase their unique engagement methods to an audience who shares the same interest. 

Facebook Offers New, Free Training Sessions on Groups for Business, Messenger and More
Facebook has launched  ‘Summer of Support’ for businesses. It is an educational program within their platform which gives business owners access to several courses on how to leverage Facebook’s features, such as, Groups, Messenger, Pixels, etc, for growth and success. The guide is created for businesses and brands to maximize their marketing efforts on social media, specifically Facebook and Instagram.

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