Weekly Digital Trends: July 17

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New Research Highlights Trump Campaign’s Focus on Microtargeted Messaging via Facebook Ads President Donald Trump is leveraging Facebook Ads to promote himself for the U.S. presidential election coming November 2020. Trump has spent $33 million so far on ad campaigns while his competitor Joe Biden has spent $21 million. The key element to President Trump’s advertising strategy is micro-targeting his audience. With over 21 ad variants on Facebook’s platform, insights reveal Trump’s team is leveraging a ‘divide and conquer’  approach within their advertising strategy.  

Facebook Publishes New Report on the Impacts of the COVID-19 Lockdowns on SMBs Facebook’s new report publishes how COVID-19 has impacted small businesses. The report highlights important challenges and concerns business owners are facing while maintaining operations. Facebook’s insights share that the job crisis is ongoing with a high chance of continuing even after the pandemic. Many small businesses have already reduced the workforce while 26% of businesses around the world have shut down completely due to the pandemic.


Mason Ramsey Sings About Cow Farts in New ‘Eco Campaign’ Mason Ramsey, known for his viral video showcasing him yodeling to “Lovesick Blues” by Hank Williams reappears for Burger King’s new ‘eco campaign.’ Burger King’s campaign promotes the new Whopper burger, highlighting that it’s made from lemongrass-fed cows. This change results in a 33% decrease in methane emissions from last year’s greenhouse emissions produced by the company. 

New York Launches National Ad Campaign to Promote Masks New York has launched a national advertising campaign in efforts to stop the spread of the viral coronavirus within the nation. The campaign is titled “Mask Up America’ featuring famous celebrities such as Jamie Foxx, Morgan Freeman, and Ellen Pompeo. The goal is to motivate Americans to proactively wear a mask in public when social distancing cannot be maintained. NY Governor Andrew M. Cuomo states, “We want to be sure all Americans know what we know here — that it is essential to wear a mask in order to protect one another.”


Snapchat Adds Brand Profiles as it Looks to Expand its Business Appeal Snapchat announced a new feature to enhance brand profiles presence on its platform. With this new tweak, brands will have additional ways to connect with Snapchat users through the application. Brand Profiles enable Branded AR Lenses, helping maximize value via augmented reality experiences. A few more enhancements are Highlights and Stories to showcase collections and Native Store. Native Store focuses on giving users an optional Store experience, where they can browse and purchase directly through the app. 

Google’s 3D Swirl ad format now available in DV360 After a year of testing, Google has globally released ‘Swirl’ 3D for advertising campaigns. Users are able to interact with their target audience via display and video ads with this new feature. They can rotate, zoom, and expand 3D elements within the ad. New analytics have rolled out with Swirl, as well. Advertisers are able to access engagement time and 3D usage metrics. The interactive ad is available in three sizes in mobile and can be expanded to full screen. All of this is managed through Google Ad Manager. 

Twitter Rolls Out New Direct Message Overlay to All Desktop Users After a few months of testing, Twitter has officially launched a direct message via desktop. This will enable Twitter users to read and send messages without having to leave their feed. This new feature is similar to LinkedIn and Facebook’s messaging system. Twitter’s DM window can be expanded or collapsed anytime within the main feed. With the increased usage of direct messages within the social media channel, it’s new DM feature will help align with the demand.

Instagram swaps out its ‘Activity’ tab for ‘Shop’ in new global test Instagram is testing its new ‘Shops’ tab. This feature was announced and previewed in May by both Facebook and Instagram. A few IG users will see changes on their feed while developers figure out where to place the new feature. ‘Shops’ was rolled out with efforts to increase eCommerce visibility on its platform because of the spike in online sales since March 2020. With the new test, users are reporting that the Shops icon will be replacing the current ‘Activity’ icon from their feed.