Weekly Digital Trends: July 10

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Gen Z wants brands to be ‘fun,’ ‘authentic’ and ‘good,’ study says
More than half of Generation Z, people born between 1996-2015, state that they are highly dependant on digital connections because they believe it drives people to connect. When shopping and discovering brands online, Gen Zers prefer brands to be ‘authentic’ and ‘fun’. 82% of the people that fall into the generation bracket say the companies they value more are the ones that use real customers within their advertising efforts. 72% will support a brand that has ties to making a difference in a social cause. Gen Z is driven by authenticity, transparency, and fun- 3 components to keep in mind for marketers. 

‘Surprised’ emotions in video ads drive conversions during pandemic, study says
Video advertisements that showcase a ‘surprised’ emotion within the first 3 seconds of the clip have shown an increase in effectiveness during COVID-19. With a 360% increase in performance for these particular types of ads, video ads portraying a ‘happy’ emotion shows a decrease in conversion by 64%. Viewers are also responding positively to ads that take place outdoors and feature women. Although further analysis is needed, the result may be reflected because women make 70% to 80% of consumer purchase decisions within the U.S., making them an important target audience for brands 


Facebook Ad Boycott Campaign “Stop Hate For Profit” Gathers Momentum And Scale: Inside The Movement For Change
Brands and marketers are pausing their advertising spends for July 2020 on Facebook in efforts to eliminate racism across its platform via the #Stophateforprofit campaign. The goal of the campaign is for Facebook to take responsibility for spreading hate, bias, and discrimination that is taking place within its channel through forms of advertising. Facebook has generated $70 billion in revenue from discriminatory content alone. Companies are choosing to take part in this campaign to take a stand with the movement for change.

Snapchat Launches New Shoppable AR ‘Try-On’ Campaign with Gucci Shoes
Snapchat has launched it’s ‘Try on’ Campaign in collaboration with Gucci. The social media platform had released a new feature, shoppable augmented reality technology, prior to the launch of the campaign, where users can try on products using the new ‘try on’ filter. The campaign will allow Snapchatters to try Gucci shoes on in the comfort of their own homes and if satisfied, can purchase the product directly through the app via a ‘Shop Now’ button.


TikTok Opens its Self-Serve Ad Platform to All Businesses TikTok has launched its own self-serve ad platform for businesses and marketers. The new tool will give marketers the opportunity for creativity, targeting, and flexibility when it comes to ad management and budget. Users who are ready to tap into this new feature can access it through TikTok’s exclusive ‘TikTok for Business’ experience. 

Google Creates a New Way to Drive Traffic Via Image Search Google has released a new feature on Google Images in efforts to help searchers learn more about a person, place, or thing in relation to an image they have selected. This information is collected and determined by Google’s Knowledge Graph and will be displayed under the selected photo. This innovative Image Search feature opens new doors to increasing traffic and awareness for a brands’ online presence. 

Instagram Gives All Users the Option to Pin Post Comments
Instagram’s new feature allows users to pin their top three favorite comments to the top of a post’s feed. This option was introduced for IG users to have more control of their interactions within the platform, while also highlighting key comments on a post. The goal is to engage and spread positivity amongst the social media platform, encouraging users to showcase positive comments and burying the negative. 

LinkedIn Adds New Analytics Tools for Company Pages, New Process to Limit Page Follow Invites
LinkedIn has added a new analytics tool, Follower analytics, for Company pages under the Analytics tab. This gives businesses the opportunity to check follower insights and an overview of people that have visited the page. The new tweak combined with Linkedin’s existing tools can help with improving current posting and engagement strategies.

Twitter’s Working on a New Collaborative Option for Fleets
Twitter is releasing its own version of Stories called Fleets. Still not available in all regions, Twitter is testing out its new Fleet tool, which allows users to take part in Fleets independently or in collaboration with other users. This feature will enhance storytelling and engagement rates within the social media platform.

YouTube’s latest experiment is a TikTok rival focused on 15-second videos
Youtube is testing a new mobile app only feature that will allow mobile users to create and share short 15-second videos on its platform. This feature will eliminate recording Youtube videos longer than 15 seconds through the app. Similar to TikTok, users can press to record and release to stop recording, and continue doing so until they’ve created 15 seconds of video. The clips are combined and created as one single video for users to upload.