The Creation of an A-Z Adventure

As everyone who works hard knows, there are times when we realize that
situations make us stressed before anything happens. Maybe it is a
person that just being around Mmes you tense up and expect the worse.
You get tired just thinking about going to work with them. Or maybe it
is a situation. You know that you dread one of your work
responsibilities to the point that it becomes almost unbearable.

I am hiding... But I really would like to come out!

Knowing that quitting is not the answer when work gets tough, us hard
workers rack our brains to create a solution that will remedy the
situation and make work manageable again. We know logically that these
situations or these people did not used to have this effect and we
should be able to get back to that state. But how?

Personally, it starts with the recognition of the situation. Then from
there continues to the brainstorming of solutions. When none present
themselves immediately, I go to Starbucks and surf the Internet
clicking from one link to the next until inspiration strikes.

Today it was on twitter. The solution is joining the blogging A-Z
What do I love doing more than writing? Well besides
social media and helping people, nothing. So here I go. This will be my time to take time for myself and determine create or express my never-ending joy at the creation of something else.

The rules states that I am supposed to write one post each day except
for Sundays and work my way from A to Z. There can be a theme associated with the month, or it can just as your creativity takes you. Either way. Mine is going to continue with the theme of CREATION.

I’m getting excited!

Let’s do this.

Until soon,
Maggie B

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