The Creation of Color

In Sammamish, just East of Seattle, there are a cluster of tall tree stumps that were left on the corner of a busy intersection. A few years back they suddenly started wearing colorful “Tree Socks,” or as some call them “Tree Sweaters.”

I came home from school and thought to myself… what…? Seattle has found a new way to express its unique “Style.”

The first time I saw something covered in sweater was in Belltown around 10 years ago. Back then it was street signs and lamp posts with short sweaters decorated with beads. Then in Boston I saw a similar trend years later. Nowhere have I seen the Dr. Suess-like trees that was have here in the Greater Seattle Area.

And as a huge proponent of brightening our dreary winters with more color, I have to give my 100% support to this local creative artist.

View the King5 Coverage of our colorful trees below:

Click on the Image to watch the KING5 Coverage

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