The Creation of an Enthusiast

What is the hardest part of getting a job? What does it take to get the job? How do you become the one who hears “You’re hired?”

Here I am, recent college graduate, thinking back over what I have done. Okay, so I have gone to a four-year university, graduated with two degrees cum laude. I have held many internship positions ranging from Public Relations to Social Media to Sales Assistant to you name it. I have worked a variety of paying jobs on the side from babysitting to being an Elf at Christmas to selling ballet shoes. I started by own business after graduating, I am the assistant editor for an online magazine, I teach Sunday School, I volunteer, I play with my dog. Now what of that is going to get me the job?

Well, none of it really.

Ultimately, what will get me the job is my interview. It will be the way that I am able to present myself. That I am able to convince them of my skills and my fit in their company. How does one do that?

It is a balance.

Here I am sitting opposite a potential co-worker trying to make a connection on a personal level while talking about all the great things I have done and also sounding in love with their company all while trying not to be too cocky or unreal.


Here are the challenges I see when interviewing:

1. You have to answer the questions
Part of me is sitting there in anguish wanting to cry out, “Stop with these questions! Let me just tell you I KNOW I CAN DO THIS JOB AMAZINGLY! I honest to God love this company. I can’t think of half the answers you want right now because I so so so want to be here every day for the next part of my life! Can we just move on to the ‘you’re hired’ bit?”

2. No second chances answering a question you didn’t expect
But unfortunately, begging isn’t really how it works. I sit there and answer the best I can then go home and re-live the interview over and over in my mind. 

Maybe I should have said that the reason I am in love with the movie Penelope is not because it is kind of a children’s movie but because children’s movies are more magical. They are directed at your imagination! They are artful. They are colorful. They often have more beauty in them than movies based in reality. It is fantasy. It is another world you get to experience from your home. It is nostalgic and fairy-tale-esque. It is everything that life could be but isn’t. How often do we look around ourselves and think that life is magical? Penelope is all magic. And that is why I can watch it over and over. Not because my brain is the size of a child’s and I am easily amused.

3. You have to be enthusiastic without being fake.
People don’t often go around in life and profess their passion for things out loud. Perhaps they don’t even profess them quietly. Defining you passion is something that takes true internal self-reflection. Mine, as mentioned in the sticky post on my blog, is creation. Creation of messages through writing perhaps. Creation of new strategies and new business though social media perhaps. Believe me when I say, for this job I have incredible amounts of passion. During the interview, however, interpretive dancing is frowned upon, slam poetry is met with confused and concerned looks, and hugging your interviewer is simply not allowed.

If I can make it through all that and manage to differentiate myself effectively from the wolf-pack vying for the same job, congrats! “You’re hired!”

Until then, time to start working on a new strategy to get hired. Maybe a blog would help…

Until Soon, Your still very loyal social media strategist,
Maggie Brookes

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