Snowy, With a Chance of Rain, Ice, Wind, and Flooding

I’m sure that even if you’re not from the Pacific Northwest you’ve heard a little about our “snow storm.” Let’s see, at my house up in the hills, we got probably about 10 inches of snow, 6 of which actually accumulated on our lawn, roads, house, etc. I have to keep reminding myself, “This isn’t Boston. This isn’t Boston.” Granted even in Boston, snow was reason for panic, or rejoicing, depending on who you were. You should see it if it starts to snow about 3pm. By 4 everything is closed and the roads are jammed with people trying to get home before the roads get terrible…hmmm…

Here, schools were cancelled all week. First for the snow on the ground, then for the un-passable, un-plowed roads, then for the ice, then for the wind.

So there was snow, then there was more snow, then there was an ice storm where it rained ice pellets for hours, then it started snowing again, then it got really cold and froze. Then it stopped snowing, warmed up and got really windy. That means that all the trees around here holding all that snow and ice on their branches were really put to a test that most couldn’t pass. I heard on the radio that one woman had 500 trees down in 10 acres…

So the wind blew all the trees down onto the power lines. Meanwhile, the roads are still primarily unplowed and icy. Then after that it got cold again and continued to rain. More slushy icy mess. I didn’t have power at my house for two days, and I was lucky. A little bit of my experience was recounted by a local reporter in the Seattle Times:
 “Maggie Brookes*, of Sammamish, camped out in front of a woodstove with her father after they lost power Thursday morning. They made tea by heating water on the woodstove, which took nearly an hour. While neighbors stayed toasty to the hum of generator power, Brookes and her father went off to a friend’s place in Bellevue after 24 hours of powerless cold.”

But, the snow here was really beautiful. There were many amazing sights created just by the winter weather.

Then Sunday, it stopped raining so much and warmed up. Sunday night there was a two-inch deep river coursing across the road my house is on. It poured over the road from some unknown origin, made a right turn somewhere in the forest and crossed over my neighbor and my driveway. There were flares out on the road and everything.

River across driveway, note the mini waterfall...

Most of it is gone now. I think we may be able to go back to life as normal… until next time! I can’t wait for another exciting winter wonderland story!

Until soon,
Still a little Frozen,
Maggie B

*ps. My real name was used in the article… I’ve just changed it here to avoid confusion. Hope you don’t mind!

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