The Golden Globes

We all watched it last night with anticipation, with smiles, with looks of confusion, with shouts of joy, and sighs of disappointment. Unfortunately, when I say “we” I mean everyone except for me since I don’t have a TV.

However, despite not being able to watch live, I was diligently tracking the looks as they strutted down the Red Carpet before the show. (Let’s not even get into the awards, I mean, who really watches it for the awards?) You should have seen me, I had two computers running each with multiple windows open, typing furiously, tweeting, facebooking, saving images and researching researching researching!

All this for what? So I could see what the gowns looked like who was wearing who and trying to catch a glimpse of my celebrity heart-throb, Jake Gyllenhaal. (Of course, he was a presenter and not present on the red carpet.)

Oh hey there, Jake...

Once the Red Carpet was over, I experienced a brief bit of relaxation… Then bam! The phone is ringing, names are being listed off, dress designers, celebrities that have it all together, celebrities in danger of hearing from the fashion police… scribble scribble scribble, type type type, google google google. Finally, I was able to find most of the images and most of the designers of each of the dresses.

I have a few of my favorites below… and few of my, ahem, not favorites, as well. Pictured below in vague order of best to not so best.

Until Soon,
Maggie B

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