Snowed In

Heads back, tongues out, gloves on, let’s catch some snowflakes!

Yep, Seattle, winter has finally showed up. If you’re like me, you were beginning to think that we weren’t going to get a real winter this season. December is supposed to be our rainiest month but we didn’t hardly see any days of rain at all. Two days ago it started snowing. And it hasn’t taken much time off since. I live in an area of slightly higher elevation than the city itself surrounded by a bunch of back roads. Which means, lots of snow on the roads.

Doesn't really look like I'll be going out any time soon

So here I am inside, in my robe, looking out at the beautiful snow in the yard watching it slowly accumulate into “snowed-in” proportions.

The Backyard

The front yard

It sure is pretty to look at…

You can’t really see from this picture, but there parked under the car port is my brand new Honda Fit. That’s right! I finally went out and bought one Saturday night! Trading in my four-wheel drive Jeep Liberty for a Front Wheel Drive Honda Fit. Hello, Snow! Guess I’ll be staying home for a while…

My new Honda Fit!

(Looking for name suggestions for the new baby.)

The good news is that my 3-year old puppy, Pearl, has decided that she loves the snow. Especially because doggy day camp was cancelled today. Time to play in the snow!

What's this? Tap tap...

It sure is COLD!

But I LIKE it!

After I get some more work done today, I am going to bundle up and take Pearly out to get some real good playing in. Then we’ll come inside, make hot coco, wrap ourselves in warm blankets and watch Netflix…

Until soon,
Maggie B

4 thoughts on “Snowed In

  1. Mandy Hubbard Wilson says:

    Isn’t it great how snow turns dog into Puppies! Lucy was racing around like crazy in the tiny bit of snow we got down here. The car is beautiful blue. You can call her Bee Bee. (Beautiful Blue, get it? ) I’m so clever.

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