Dear World, Please bring me a new car (preferably in pink)

A long time ago, my dad bought a Jeep Liberty. Eventually, it was passed on to my brother and me to share throughout high school and college. Now, I am afraid to say, that it has finally reached the end of its stay at family household. Instead, it will be traded in for what I hope will be a Honda Fit.

Everyday when I leave Seattle and travel back to my little abode in the suburbs, I pass two Honda dealerships. On each lot I can see the car I want to drive. I’ve been saving money to buy one, but you know how the holidays are…

Originally, I was thinking that I would just buy used because it would be cheaper and how can my first real car be one that I buy new. Who does that? I need to be reasonable, I just bought myself a brand new computer! But then I pass by those dealerships and what do I see?! New colors!The Fit now comes in several new colors! I wasn’t crazy about the first round of colors, but these! The options! The pizzazz! The fun-ness! Do I really want a teal car for the next 10 years? Yes!

They don't actually come in this color

So, I have seen them in a teal-like color, not this color, but similar. I couldn’t find a picture of the actual color I pass by every day. I’ll have to take one the next time I am leaving Seattle in daylight… may be a while.

Then while I was cruising around the internet for images of my dream car, I found this… Now I am seriously in trouble… wouldn’t this be adorable! Talk about the love of my life!

Hello, beautiful!

I will be dreaming of my new beautiful car until it is in my driveway and the keys are in my hand…

Until Soon, your future (pink) Honda Fit Driver,
Maggie B

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