Elfing through the Holiday Season

Elf Training on site!

Saturday was Elf Training! We learned how to make cider and cookies.  We talked about uniforms, we talked with Santa and when we are going to meet Mrs. Claus. Santa is getting high-tech this year and using a virtual line to keep people from standing out in the cold for hours. Plus now they have more time to go shop and drink peppermint mochas and enjoy the holidays!


My first official day as an elf will be this Friday, Black Friday, the beginning of the  Holiday fiesta, the Holiday Rush, the Holiday Craze. How many days of Christmas are there? 25? Guess again, we get more this year. More hours of shopping, I’m sure you’ve heard the controversy about stores opening at midnight of Black Friday. As far as I’m concerned. The earlier Christmas comes, the more Peppermint Mochas I get to drink. (Catching on yet? I really love my Peppermint Mochas.)

Speaking of coffee and things I love. My new Super Hero, Tim, brought me over a Keurig Machine. (Tim, I used your Facebook picture. Hope you don’t mind!)

Do I really need to explain this?

Finally, the household has a coffee maker again. Suddenly, everything seems easier. No more internal arguments about if I should go to Starbucks for the second or third time in one day. No more worrying that I am out of instant Via coffee, no more waiting around for the teapot to boil water so I can attempt to mix the right proportion of Via and water! Now we will have coffee when we want it, how we want it! It can even make hot coco I hear. And tea! Wonders of wonders, do you think it can make me a Peppermint Mocha? I might just die.

Until Soon,
Your Over-Caffeinated Elf,
Maggie B.

Ps. I will be documenting my Elf-ish experiences at Santa Lane. I hope that I am there when there is a proposal. I just love weddings. Also! My good friend just got engaged! So exciting! ❤

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