Meet the Newest Elf on Santa Lane!

This morning I woke up cozy under the covers while one of those typical Seattle Winter storms threw rain into the windows and leaves in mid-air spirals. I didn’t want to get up. 

Around 8:30am my phone started ringing with messages from clients who had probably been up for several productive hours decided it was a decent hour to start calling me. In fairness, my alarm had gone off at 6:30 and I normally am up and driving around by that time. The first call was from one of the non-profits I work with, thanking me for getting a blog posted late last night with the help of a friend. We talked Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn and then I hung up and tried to calculate the maximum number of minutes I could stay in bed and get everything done and still make it to my 10am appointment. I came up with negative 15.

So I got up and started getting ready. I went about turning the computer on and bringing it back to the office instead of the TV room where I had hooked it up to the TV to watch Netflix the night before (we don’t have cable so I watch everything through the computer). Around 9:15am my phone rang again from a number I didn’t know.

Hello, Maggie? Won't you be an Elf tonight?

It was Santa. He called to congratulate me on becoming an elf! I was so excited! It was like a radio station was calling me to let me know I had won the grand prize! (Are you convinced that I am overly excited about this position yet?) I immediately told everyone I know about my news (like I got engaged) and turned up the Christmas music which was still in the CD player from last year. And tried not to cry tears of sparkly Christmas joy.

Everyone smile and say "EGGNOG!"

Saturday I have Elf Training. I get to meet all the other elves, the veteran elves, the new elves like me, I get to meet the Elf coordinators again, and, that’s right, I get to meet Santa and Mrs. Clause! I get to meet the Big Man of the North Pole himself! And of course, the backbone of the operation, Mrs. Claus! The only people not in attendance will be the reindeer. I think they are still in intensive training for their flights around the world Christmas Eve Night. That must be quite the marathon for them. (By the way, my favorite reindeer has always been Blitzen ever since I played Blitzen as a kid in a Christmas Play. WISH I HAD PICTURES OF THAT!)

I have to submit! my availability as soon as possible. (Am going to do that as soon as I finish this ever important post!)

So, If you live in the Greater Seattle Area and you want to meet the voice of Maggie B, saunter on down to Santa Lane at Downtown Nordstrom and I’ll give you some cider and cookies while you wait! (Maybe, we can even take a picture together!)

Until soon,
Your newest little elf,
Maggie B.

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