Portland, Washington, Glacier and so much more

It continues to be a struggle to find time to post to the blog. We are now in Chicago staying with a friend of Jared’s from undergrad which means I finally have a real computer keyboard in front of me instead of just my iPhone touch screen (what a pain that thing is to type on).
Since I’ve last posted there have been so many experiences that remind me not only how amazing this trip is, but also how lucky I am to have these people around me.
When we were back in Oregon, we were trying to drive from Lassen to a campground near Portland. However, construction added hours to our already long drive and we were set to arrive too late to the campsite before the gates closed, Luckily, I have family in Albany and they were able to give us a floor to sleep on for a night last minute even though they were planning to take their kids camping early the next morning. They even made us a delicious breakfast and in the morning before we all set off in opposite directions to camp.
In Portland, my cousin Anne and her husband let us stay with them even though they had just purchased a new house and were still in the process of moving. I think the dinner we ate there was one of the first that Anne had cooked in the kitchen. But let met tell you, the chicken was perfect and the coffee cake the next morning was a wonderful surprise. The house, by the way, is absolutely beautiful (and I am hoping that they are planning to fill it with beautiful babies soon too!)
In Portland we visited the Voodoo Doughnuts and the Food Carts. We also got tattoos! Then we traveled to Washington where we stopped at Mt. Rainier but it was overcast mostly and did not have a clear view of the mountain. I’ve been there many times before so I knew what it was supposed to look like, but Miranda, Mike, and Jared had never visited. I guess they’ll just have to come back another time and visit the park on a sunny day!
We stayed at my house just outside of Seattle for three nights and of course visited Pike Place Market, the original Starbucks, and Top Pot doughnuts. It was a  nice break for all of us from sleeping on floors and in tents.
My dad joined us for the next step for the next stretch of the trip as we traveled to Glacier National Park. We were able to stay with family friends who have a cabin near Glacier in the summer. When we arrived at the cabin, our friends had guests over and all of them were playing instruments and singing on the porch. Listening to them play and hang out while we sat and ate dinner was one of my favorite memories from the entire trip. The cabin looks out over a lake and the sunsets are spectacular and colorful and happen late at night allowing us to play baseball in the yard until well past 10pm.
The park itself was still very snowy and the going-to-the-sun road was still closed the first day we arrived. Luckily, the road opened for the season the second day that we were in the park and we were able to drive to the top. It provided us with incredible views of the park. The only downer about the park was the anticipation that had built in visitors to see the road due to the extremely late opening which resulted in a lot of traffic in addition to the construction that was still going on on the road to finish getting it ready for the season.
After Glacier we traveled to Badlands, Madison, Wisconsin, and have just arrived Chicago where the kids at the house are more than adorable. The oldest of whom (only 2-years), loves “Where the Wild Things Are” and will read and act out the book as you read it to him.

More updates when I can, I know I’ve forgotten so many things!

Until soon,
Maggie B.

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