Portland and happy birthday to the car

This morning we woke up in Albany, OR where we had landed last minute after realizing we weren’t going to make our campsite before they closed the gates due to construction. My aunt and uncle live in Albany so we were able to sleep on their floor and use the showers. It was so nice to be able to sleep indoors and not have to worry about putting all our things in a bear box. On the way to Portland, the car celebrated his 20,000 mile birthday and we all san a round of your traditional “Happy Birthday.”
We left this morning headed for Portland. It is only mid afternoon but so far we have ate at the new food carts that are scattered around the city and are waiting in line for the famous Voodoo Doughnuts. We’re tourists and have to stop by for kicks.
Most recent interesting events are the days we spent in Yosemite for thr Fourth of July. Our two friends from school met us for the celebrations. We finally got to eat hot dogs over the fire and ate marshmellows and banna boats that Miranda taught us to cook in the fire.
On the 3rd, we woke up early and started our 15 mile round trip hike up Half Dome. The hike would carry us up a little under 5,000 feet in elevation. The last 400 feet require the use of cables straight up the side of the dome onto the surface. I barely made it to the top (a d probably wouldn’t have made it had Jared not encouraged me to keep going). By the top we were all exhausted and a little altitiude sick. But we made it and it was beautiful. It was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Next up: Seattle and Glacier!

For now, dougunuts.

Maggie B.


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