The best I can do in the desert

I’m sitting here up on top of Kolob Canyon, a small national monument about 45 minutes outside of Zion National Park and we’ve left the car on behind us. The sun is shining on my back so I watch my hair blow sideways in my shadow and the breeze. Bright Eyes is playing onthe radio in the car and I left the doors open so I can still hear it from this green plastic bench. Up here like this reminds me that it doesn’t matter that I don’t ever seem to have the energy or internet to update the blog. It doesn’t matter that all my pictures are trapped on my camera memory card or that my memories are trapped in my head.
I wish I could tell everyone about the amazing experiences we’ve been having every time something amazing happens. But right now I feel like it’s okay that I don’t have the service.
Zion is my favorite National Park. I’ve been here before with my dad and brother and remember it being beautiful. I felt like I could live in Zion, a feeling that I haven’t felt since New York City, which is a whole different type of living.
We hiked up to a point called Angels Landing. It was named because a minister once stated that the peak was so unreachable that only an angel could land there. The hike takes about four and a half hours to complete and covers 2.5 miles and climbs 1,400 feet in elevation. The first half is the toughest consisting of only switch backs. Then you get to the fun part. The rest is up the side of the mountain with no real trail but only a chain bolted into the side of the mountain to hold onto while climbing between thousand foot drop offs. It was scary and exciting and mkre than worth the hike. At the top we had a 360 degree view of the valley of Zion and the Virgin River running through it. You can’t take a bad photo from up there. Everything is so beautiful the landscape makes the photo for even the most inexperienced photographers.

Another time that I’ve felt this way on the trip was at the top of the Great Sand Dunes. We had hiked up the top in the evening in order to be at the top for the sunset. We didn’t climb to the highest dune but we clmibed high enough to see the sun set and look out over the dunes. The best part besides jumping down the dunes at the end was hiking barefoot.

Tomorrow we are leaving for Grand Canyon and picking up Miranda’s brother, Mike, along the way.

I keep hoping that I’ll be able to post photos.
But we’ll just wait and see how that turns out. 🙂

Until soon,
Maggie B.


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